3 Reasons Why Blackout Skylight Blinds Are Just As Important In Winter

Blackout skylight blinds aren’t a new thing. Out of all of the variations available on the market, they’re likely the ones you’ve heard of the most. This is largely due to the whole host of benefits that blinds made from this specialist material offer. Exceptional light control, privacy and the ability to personalise your home are all factors that contribute to their popularity. 

Charcoal blackout thermal skylight blinds for roof windows

Grey blackout skylight blinds fitted in brown windows in a grey-themed bedroom.

But it’s not unusual for people to think that blackout blinds are only really beneficial during the Summer. When we’re constantly battling excessive light while still trying to work and spend time indoors, they become an essential addition to many homes. And, while they may seem seasonal, we’re here to show you how these benefits extend into Winter too. Read on to discover 3 reasons why blackout skylight is just as important during these colder months. 

1. Controlling Winter Sun

During the Summer, we are exposed to a much higher percentage of natural sunlight and UV rays. Allowing too much of this to flood into your home has the potential to cause fading on soft furnishings and glare on your screens. For this reason, many homeowners invest in high-quality blinds. Especially when focusing on roof windows, the angle at which light passes through is much more direct and has the potential to cause significantly more damage. 

This issue isn’t reserved for Summer though. While we may not have the same degree of light in Winter, you are still presented with at least 8 hours of sunshine per day. And, when clouds separate, the rays emitted are still strong enough to pass into our homes. This natural light in the day can benefit you – minimising the demands on your household electricity. However, when it comes to proper light management, you’ll need the same reliable tools as you would during the Summer months. 

Blackout blinds provide a near-on impenetrable barrier between your home and natural light sources. They have an opaque inner layer which blocks out light, reducing the risk of glare and other related complications. Additionally, that cost Winter scene you have in your head – the one where you’re huddled around the fire with your favourite film on – becomes more achievable when you take control of the light that passes into a room. 

2. Thermal properties of blackout skylight blinds

Blackout skylight blinds don’t just help to manage light. When made from blackout thermal fabric, they are also highly effective at lightening the load on your central heating system. This specialist fabric prevents internal heat from passing through and coming into contact with the cold glass window pane. If it’s allowed to do so, up to 40% of your household heat can be lost. In months where we are so reliant on our central heating to keep the home comfortable, this results in you cranking up the thermostat and spending more just to keep each room usable. 

By using thermal blackout skylight blinds appropriately, you’ll be able to minimise this. Roll them down during the colder times of the day – particularly hours where the natural light wanes like during the mornings or evenings. This will prevent the heat you’ve built up indoors from escaping and reduce the need for artificial help. 

3. Blackout skylight blinds help to promote good sleep

With limited Vitamin D drawn from natural sunlight during the winter, it’s no surprise that our health tends to deteriorate. We spend more time indoors, eating comfort foods and trying to keep warm rather than focusing on our overall health. So it’s important that, where we can, we create environments that help us to get the rest and recuperation that our bodies need. 

Good, restful sleep is when our bodies repair the damage done from a day of activity. Therefore, it’s vital that this time be as deep and productive as possible. One of the key issues that plagues us in the modern world and prevents us from getting good sleep is light. As cavemen, we would use the natural movement of the sun and passing of days to determine when we slept – as it got dark, our bodies would start to produce a hormone called melatonin which signals to your body that it’s time to start winding down. 

Modern issues with sleep

Today, we spend so much time exposed to artificial light such as laptops, TVs and mobile phones, that our sleep patterns are out of whack. This is why it’s so important to create a dark and relaxing environment in bedrooms. Blackout skylight blinds help you to do this – even if your bedroom is in the loft or the extension. The brilliant thing about their design is the fact that the material used is fixed within 2 channels. With standard blackout blinds, there is always a slither of light able to pass through on either side. The room is, therefore, never fully black. But with skylight blinds made from blackout fabric, you can create a completely dark and sleep-inducing environment. Which is great news for us and even better news for parents! 

Blackout skylight blinds are a versatile and practical option for any home. They come in a wide variety of colours and patterns – each of which is still entirely capable of providing you with the 3 benefits above and many more. If you would like more information about blackout skylight blinds or advice on your specific project, get in contact with the team here at Skylight Blinds Direct today. 


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