A Guide To Tackling Heat In Conservatories With Skylight Blinds

If you’ve ever had a conservatory or spent a length of time in one, you’ll know they’re not traditionally the best at managing temperature. You’re either too hot or too cold – stuck in a heat box or shivering to your bones. Most of the time, this lack of temperature control is due to age. Older conservatories simply weren’t designed with the technology we have at our disposal now. However, even if you can’t afford to have a brand new conservatory fitted, there are ways to tackle excessive or reduced heat in these unique spaces. Read our guide here to find out more about skylight blinds, glass films and new roofs. 

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DIY roof lantern blinds

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How to maintain and clean your skylight blinds

An image showing a loft conversion bedroom with large skylight windows
Image credit- Amara

Like many of you up and down the country, we’ve spent the last 4 months confined to our houses in an attempt to protect the NHS. And, as a result, we’ve become more aware of the home around us. Inspiring a host of DIY projects and renovations, this reflective period has also highlighted just how much maintenance goes into keeping every single room looking pristine. And, as experts in skylight blinds, it only seemed right that we’ve been concentrating on the best ways to clean and maintain these practical home accessories. Our latest blog will give you our top tips on how to keep your skylight windows and blinds looking pristine to prolong their lifespan and ensure your home is an enjoyable place to be.

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