The Advantages of Motorised Blinds

Having the latest technology in your home can greatly enhance your living space, making it easier for you to relax and enjoy being there. Here at Skylight Blinds Direct, we have an extensive range of motorised skylight blinds that function using cutting-edge solar technology, adding that little bit of luxury to your abode and providing you with the ultimate convenience of being able to control the amount of light you get into a room without moving a muscle! But what are the other advantages of these blinds?

Easy Usage

Motorised skylight blinds are all about ease. Consequently, they incorporate a number of innovative features that will undoubtedly improve your daily routine. Firstly, their quick and simple installation process means you won’t have to wait for hours or even days while they are being fitted.

Once installed, these blinds snap into action quickly as the result of being solar powered, meaning you can use them almost instantly once the long-life batteries have been fully charged. Not only do long-life batteries enable you to use your motorised blind for up to eight months without a sunlight recharge, but they are also more aesthetically pleasing than other blinds that come with wiring.

A remote control completes the easy-to-use feel of these blinds by allowing you to operate them from up to 35 metres away. Additionally, if you have several motorised skylight blinds in your home, your remote can be used to control each of these blinds individually, meaning you’ll be able to regulate the light in your home from one device.

Perfect for High Windows

Hard to reach windows are a common problem for many homeowners, especially when being disturbed at dawn by blinding sunlight. However, the use of a remote control enables motorised skylight blinds to be easily operated from below, meaning you can remain in the warmth of your bed without having to get up to close the blind by hand. Similarly, if you want to keep your blind open on a particularly starry night, you can use your remote control to shut your blind once you decide it’s time to sleep. Many of our solar powered motorised blinds are created from thermal blackout fabric, meaning that whether it’s light or dark and whatever the colour of your blind, you can wake at your leisure.

Great for Seniors

For seniors, motorised skylight blinds can be a huge help. Not only can these blinds be easily controlled from anywhere in the home, but they can also be operated even if a person is feeling unwell or is physically unable to shut the blind themselves. Additionally, being powered by long-life rechargeable batteries instead of electrical wiring means there are no tripping hazards presented with motorised skylight blinds, sparing elderly homeowners the worry of falling over hidden cables. Finally, many of our solar powered motorised blinds come with brush seals which reduce heat loss, making the home environment a warmer place for seniors.

Child and Pet-Friendly

A motorised skylight blind could help increase your children’s and pet’s safety in your home; this is because their lack of additional features such as cords or chains lessens the risk of both children and pets injuring themselves as a result of getting, caught twisted or tangled in the blind. Furthermore, these blinds can be operated through a remote control at floor level, making it easier to avoid nasty accidents which have the potential to occur from a child trying to reach the blind, e.g. standing on a chair. To keep remotes out of reach of children, you can have them wall mounted to ensure they don’t fall into your child’s hands.


Motorised skylight blinds have many advantages that could benefit you. To learn more about motorised skylight blinds or to browse our ranges, contact Skylight Blinds Direct today to receive expert advice to help you find a blind that’s right for you and your home.




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