The Advantages of Waterproof Blinds

As a homeowner, you may be finding it hard to keep your blinds dry in rooms where the air is more humid, especially if you have skylight windows that are higher up. Often, bathrooms and kitchens are the most common areas in the home to be affected by high levels of moisture; consequently, ensuring that you have blinds made from the appropriate material to withstand dampness in these rooms is essential to prevent the build-up of mould and mildew. If the blind on your skylight window appears to be continually wet, a waterproof blind could be the solution you’re looking for. Below, we discuss some of the advantages of waterproof skylight blinds and how they could benefit your home:


The obvious advantage of these blinds is that they are incredibly water resistant. This is because they are made from specially woven fabric that acts as a watertight barrier, prohibiting any absorption that could later become the perfect breeding ground for any nasty bacteria or mould. As such, waterproof skylight blinds are ideal for wet rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms.


As the result of being made from resilient material, the durability of waterproof blinds is fantastic. Not only can the waterproof blinds we offer here at Skylight Blinds Direct cope with being exposed to damp conditions, but they can also endure both hot and cold temperatures without losing their shape or colour. Additionally, the fabric of these blinds is enclosed, meaning they are protected from sunlight and can keep their colour for a longer period.

Quick to Clean

Unlike the majority of other blinds, waterproof blinds can be cleaned with ease as a result of their resistance. Being made of an impermeable material not only protects them from any wet cleaning processes but it also enables them to retain their colour while being cleaned. So, whichever room your blind is situated in, you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty or discoloured as you can easily remove any grime!

Combat Condensation

Skylight condensation can cause numerous problems to the windows as well as their surrounding areas including swollen panelling, damp and mould. Waterproof blinds can tackle the root cause of each of these issues by stopping the blind getting damp in the first place, keeping your window dry and preventing condensation from building up.

Super Stylish

With many products, you find you often have to substitute prettiness for practicality; however, here at Skylight Blinds Direct, that’s certainly not the case! We offer a wide range of waterproof blinds in a variety of colours and patterns that fit a number of different windows, meaning you can choose a blind in a style that suits you without forfeiting aesthetics for functionality. Additionally, whether you’re selecting a waterproof blind for a Farko skylight or a Velux window, each of our blinds contain fabric clips to ensure the material remains firmly within the runners. This means that instead of becoming slack over time, your blind will remain taut and stay looking stylish.


So, if you’re tired of having a wet and wilted blind in your bathroom or kitchen, a waterproof skylight blind could provide a fresh new look while protecting against mildew, mould and other damp-related problems. To discover more about waterproof blinds or receive expert advice concerning waterproof skylight blinds for keylite windows, optilight windows, rooflite windows and many more, contact us here at Skylight Blinds Direct or get in touch via our social media channels.


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