Are Roof Lantern Blinds A Good Idea?

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A quick search on Google Trends shows that the term ‘house extension’ has reached an all-time high in 2020. In many ways, this is no surprise. We spent a considerable percentage of this year indoors, trying to make the most of our available spaces. And, from this, our need to extend outwards (or upwards) has increased. When designing extensions, there are a whole host of considerations to make. And, a key one for us here at Skylight Blinds Direct is, what type of window you plan to have fitted. 

Roof lanterns are a beautiful, practical and ever-popular option for many. With their slanted, raised design, they add charm to the outside of a property. The shape works to bring as much light into a room as possible. And, they can be an ideal way of modernising a once dated space. But, are roof lantern blinds a good idea? Especially if you’ve spent thousands having the windows fitted for their looks? 

Why opt for roof lantern windows? 

Extensions are, by far, the most popular way of adding more space into a home in the UK. If you have the outdoor space and want a bigger kitchen, office or play area, building outwards makes sense. While conservatories were once favoured as a cost-effective alternative, they pose their own issues. With the abundance of glass and lack of appropriate insulation, it can be challenging to keep the heat locked in (or out during the summer months). Therefore, these rooms tend to be used most frequently on a seasonal basis, rather than suiting the family all year round. 

Roof lanterns offer you a stylish way to blend the look of conservatories and extensions. They are glazed architectural structures that originated from the 16th century. Instead of having a solid roof, you have a pitched glass ceiling with an aluminium frame and well-insulated glass. Some of the reasons why they are a popular option include:

  • Offering an increased surface area that, in turn, increases the light that can flood into the room. 
  • Improving energy efficiency, as one of the most thermally-efficient systems available here in the UK. 
  • Can be installed without planning permission (in most instances) 
  • Adding value to your property in hand with your new extension which can be as much as 10%, if done right. 
  • Providing unique views of the sky and your surrounding area
  • Making a room look larger
  • Can be as big or as small as your room allows

Why consider roof lantern blinds?

So, if you spend all this money and effort on designing the perfect roof lantern window, why would you want to cover it up? Do you really need roof lantern blinds? 

No matter how much you want to optimise on natural light, it’s important to consider the practicalities. Enjoying the sunshine during the day, when you have guests around to socialise, will be great. Making the most of the natural light while cooking or relaxing in the afternoon will reduce energy bills and ensure you make the most out of a room. 

But, too much light – without any means of controlling or minimising it – can lead to:

  • Excessive heat building up in poorly ventilated spaces
  • A loss of heat during the colder months
  • The dye in soft furnishings fading prematurely, meaning more costly replacements over time
  • Glare on computer/television screens that disrupt productivity and enjoyment
  • Disruption when trying to relax in the afternoon/evenings. 

This is where roof lantern blinds come into play. The best-designed ones will be discrete when rolled back, meaning you can still enjoy the architectural beauty of your windows. But, you’ll also have the ability to control light when needed

The benefits of roof lantern blinds

Here at Skylight Blinds Direct, we offer two main options for roof lantern blinds – our DIY Honeycomb LanternLITE™ blind and the DIY Zip Roller LanternLITE™ blind. And, while there are key differences between the two (which we will go into next), they also have the potential to offer the following benefits:

  • Easily allow you to control excessive light and temperature
  • Reduce glare from sunlight
  • Can be installed without any previous experience, reducing the need for costly labour
  • Help to slow down fading on soft furnishings
  • Give you added privacy from any overlooking rooms
  • Come in electric variations for labour-free usage
  • Have a locked-in fabric design using side channels which minimises sagging and improves potential light control
  • Can be linked up to smart home systems, such as Amazon Alexa Home and Google Home

Let’s take another look at each of our roof lantern blinds to decipher whether they are a good idea for your home. 

DIY Honeycomb LanternLITE™ blind 

Noted as being the most versatile roof blind on the market, our LanternLITE Honeycomb blind has been designed to help effectively manage heat throughout the year. The unique honeycomb fabric traps air within its cells, insulating from within. This also prevents air from getting trapped above the blind to keep the room warm during those cold months. Housed within its own frame, it is easy to install and looks impressive once fitted. You can choose from a manual or electric operation – with the latter needing no additional support from professional electricians to install. They are perfect for rooms where the temperature fluctuates dramatically. And, with a wide range of fabric colours and styles to choose from, means you won’t have to compromise style in any way. 

DIY Zip Roller LanternLITE™ blind

For more versatility when it comes to temperature control, opt for our DIY Zip Roller LanternLITE™ blind. Available in either blackout thermal or anti-glare thermal fabric, it is an ideal option to help stabilise a room. With a tensioned zip design, the fabric remains fully enclosed within the cassette and side panels. This makes it entirely wire-free, meaning when it’s retracted, you can fully appreciate the view. And, as we mentioned above, it can be linked up to your chosen smart home system for voice control too. 

So, are roof lantern blinds a good idea? 

In our opinion – absolutely, yes! Windows are the best way to bring natural light into your home. But, in order to make your house usable and comfy for everyone inside, you need to be able to manage temperature, heat and privacy. The right blinds will do this. And, for a unique window like a roof lantern window, you need a unique blind. The right roof lantern blind will elevate the finished look of your room while making sure you can enjoy it all year round. 

At Skylight Blinds Direct, we are incredibly proud of our DIY Honeycomb LanternLITE™ blind and the DIY Zip Roller LanternLITE™ blind. A product of much research and development, we have fitted them in many homes with delighted customers all across the UK. If you visit our Review page, you’ll find many of our past customers showcasing theirs. And, we have a number of Case Studies for each blind that showcase how versatile they can be. 

If you have any questions about our roof lantern blinds or would like to speak to a member of our specialist team, please do get in contact with us here today.  


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