The Benefits of Bespoke Blinds

When searching for new blinds, a readymade set may seem like the easier option; however, for many, the flexibility of bespoke blinds often gives them greater appeal than that of an off-the-shelf set. While readymade blinds come in a variety of standard sizes, bespoke blinds offer homeowners the chance to receive a more refined product, one that has been specially tailored to fit a specific style of window. So, whether you’re searching for a blind for an unusually branded window or a unique set of loft window blinds, there are several benefits of bespoke blinds that you’ll want to know about before making your purchase:  

Precise Fit

Depending on what brand of window you have in your home, the standard size of a readymade blind may not provide the best fit. Consequently, instead of settling for a blind that’s the closest measurement to your window, opting for a bespoke blind will enable you to take the exact measurements of your window and have a covering made to a more precise fit. With no obvious gaps or overhang, not only will a bespoke blind appear more aesthetically pleasing but it will also serve to block out additional light, ensure more privacy and provide more efficient insulation.

Personal Choice

Although off-the-shelf blinds are made from a broad range of fabrics and linings, you may not be able to find a suitable style of blind for the interior of your home. As such, having a bespoke blind made provides you with the opportunity to personally choose fabrics and linings, meaning you can select something that will perfectly match the existing colours or textiles of the room in which your new blind will be placed. If you’re unsure of which material you’d like your new blind to be made from, our free sample service will help you make an informed decision by enabling you to establish the colour and texture of certain fabrics before selecting them. 

Additional Features

Having a bespoke blind made will not only enable you to select certain fabrics but will also give you the chance to include any additional features that could prove beneficial in your home. For instance, if the room that your blind will be situated in is particularly cold, you may want it to be made from thermal fabric to help retain heat. Similarly, if your blind will be placed in an area of your home where moisture is prevalent, such as the bathroom or kitchen, a waterproof fabric could help protect those areas from damp and mould and, consequently, may be a welcomed feature.  


There is a common misconception that bespoke blinds cost far more than a readymade set. However, while the initial price of made-to-measure coverings may be higher, there are ways to decrease the cost, meaning you’ll be paying a similar amount for a more tailored product. For example, selecting cheaper fabrics can decrease the price of bespoke blinds by up to 30% while installing them yourself can reduce the cost even more. Additionally, purchasing a bespoke blind rather than an off-the-shelf set could save you money in the long term, as if you have to keep replacing your blinds due to consistent wear and tear, a seemingly cheaper set may turn out to be more expensive.


Here at Skylight Blinds Direct, we can create carefully crafted bespoke blinds for any skylight window, meaning whatever the measurements of your window, we’ll be able to offer you a blind that’s the perfect fit. For more on made-to-measure blinds, visit our website or get in touch with our team today for expert advice.

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