Which is the Best Type of Blind for your Home?

January is the perfect time to give your home a makeover! With a host of new trends to look out for over the coming year, why not get ahead of the curve by investing in a few new pieces to start your year off. One area of your home décor that can sometimes be overlooked is your window dressing. From curtains to blinds, you can sometimes be mistaken in thinking that so long as you have something covering the window, then you’re okay.

Blinds are one of the easiest parts of home décor to swap; with a host of different colours and fabrics available, you no longer have to stick with the plain white blind that you may have had for years. Depending on the room, there are a number of different varieties that you can invest in. We’ve compiled some helpful advice to make sure that you’re selecting the correct blind for its purpose, so keep reading for more information!


When looking for a new kitchen blind, it is vital to consider the conditions that it will come into contact with. Kitchen’s are often warm, humid places, so you may want to consider a waterproof blind which allows you to clean it regularly. Dependent on the location of your windows, this is also important if you think that there is a possibility that they are going to get wet, as non-waterproof blinds may get damp and grow mould.

In the kitchen, you may want a blind that has an attractive design and compliments the overall appearance of your kitchen. Here at Skylight Blinds Direct, we have a variety of blinds in different colours and patterns to suit your home décor. With something for everyone, we’re sure that you’ll find the perfect fit.


We’ve recently written a whole guide on how to make sure that you are selecting the perfect blind for your bathroom which can be found here. However, the most important factor to consider when buying a new bathroom blind is that it is waterproof. Not only will this prevent mould from growing in your bathroom due to the humidity, but it will mean that you can also clean it with a wet cloth to keep it looking fresh.


Dependent on whose bedroom it is that you fit out with new blinds, there are different things to consider. Blackout and thermal blinds are perfect when you’re looking for something new for your room, especially if you’re a light sleeper who gets affected by the sunlight during the warmer months! Blackout blinds keep the room dark, ensuring that you get a good nights sleep. Also, the thermal coating of the fabric means that they keep the warm in when cold while maintaining a cooler temperature in your bedroom over the summer.

If the blind is for your child’s room, it is important to consider the safety aspect. If you’re planning on installing one of our skylight window blinds in your child’s room, make sure that you are positioning their bed, cot or highchair away from the blind as to prevent the possibility of them playing with it.

Due to the Make It Safe campaign by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accident in conjunction with the BBSA, our blinds come with a child safety fitting to keep your little ones safe. The fitting is designed to help prevent cords or chains from posing a potential hazard, and we believe that these are crucial when around children.

Here at Skylight Blinds Direct, we have an assortment of blinds for your home. With blinds stocked from some of the biggest skylight window suppliers, such as VELUX, Keylite and Roto, each will come perfectly fitted to your window! If you’re looking for information about how to fit a blind or how to identify your window, check out our website to find out more!

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