Can You Soundproof Skylights?

Skylight Blinds Direct | Can You Soundproof Skylight Windows?

Excessive noise isn’t just an annoyance. It can be incredibly distracting too. For many, soundproofing certain rooms around their home is the best way to better enjoy their spaces. Think bedrooms where you can drift off in quiet comfort or offices where focusing on the task at hand becomes significantly easier. When crafting a home that perfectly fits our needs, it’s easy to think that soundproofing comes solely from the materials in our walls. But windows – especially roof windows and skylights – can also make a room excessively noisy. So, can you soundproof skylights? And, is it possible to do this in a cost-effective and versatile way, such as with the right skylight blinds? 

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What Are The Best Skylight Blinds For South-Facing Windows?

Skylight Blinds Direct | What are the best skylight blinds for south-facing windows?

Skylight windows are a common feature in many extensions and loft conversions, and for good reason. Because of their optimal positioning, they are able to draw in as much natural light as possible. When designing a new space, optimal light availability is how you ensure that this new room will meet the needs of its future activities. Dark and dinghy loft spaces can be transformed into functional bedrooms or offices. New extensions can allow you to install additional kitchen appliances and draw in the natural beauty of your garden space. As with gardens, south-facing windows will draw in the most light. But is this also welcomed? And how can you combine this abundance of natural light with a blind that helps you to get the most out of this space? 

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Do Skylight Blinds Reduce Heat?

A spacious and modern loft conversion kitchen with skylight blinds

Do skylight blinds reduce heat?

In recent years, the trend for renovating homes instead of moving has been ever-increasing. Faced with increasing house prices and the rise in energy bills, homeowners have re-directed much of their assigned savings to adding more space instead of seeking out new properties. With this has come the rise in single-floor extensions and loft extensions. And, as such, so has the rising interest in roof windows and the window blinds that cover them. When we set out to design a new room, optimising on natural light feels like the most logical focus. However, too much natural light – and, as a result, heat – can turn a new room into one that few people want to frequent. In this guide, we’ll discuss whether skylight blinds can reduce heat and what considerations you should make. 

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How Do You Hang Blinds On Slanted Windows?

Slanted windows in a wooden clad loft conversion dining room

Here at Skylight Blinds Direct, we specialise in the design and manufacture of quality blinds for your slanted windows and roof windows. It’s what we do and what we’ve been doing exceptionally well for many years. While this may be our expertise, we understand that many people find searching for blinds for these unique windows challenging. There are many factors to consider and that’s why we’re here to help. So, if you’re wondering how you hang blinds on slanted windows, read on. 

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Will Blinds Work On A Flat Roof?

Here at Skylight Blinds Direct, we’re passionate about bringing window covering solutions for your homes. As more and more of us opt to extend our homes rather than moving, this becomes even more paramount. Loft conversions desperate for light find solutions in skylight windows. Ground floor extensions that nestle in our gardens need natural light to help homeowners get the most out of this new space. And here you find options such as roof lanterns, skylights and flat roof windows.

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What Do You Need To Know About Flat Roof Blinds?

It’s likely that the only times you’ll begin to consider the roof on your property are when there’s a problem or you’re renovating. Otherwise, out-of-sight, out-of-mind. With more and more of us extending properties across the UK and looking for unique ways to create more space in our homes, roof choices are becoming more widely known. Flat roofs are one such option, dating back to 7100 BC and commonly found on outdoor spaces or home extensions. And, as with any corner of our homes, they can be fitted with windows to help optimise on natural light. In this guide, we’ll discuss flat roof blinds – your solution to managing said light and keeping your home comfortable all year round. 

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Are There Shades For Skylights?

Skylight Blinds | Pale Grey Translucent Velux Skylight Windows

More and more of us are choosing to upgrade our homes by adding extensions and expanding our space. With this comes an increase in skylights. These roof windows are designed to draw in as much natural light into a room as possible, allowing you to appreciate the full benefits of your home. However, with this, comes the many downfalls of light, including glare, excessive heat and fading with soft furnishings. Here at Skylight Blinds Direct, we regularly get asked, ‘Are there shades for skylights?, and that is what we’ll be answering here today. 

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What Size Roof Lantern Blind Should I Buy? 

The LanternLITE Zip Roller Blind

Skylight Blinds Direct: The LanternLITE Zip Roller Blind

An increasing number of homeowners in the UK are investing in ground-floor extensions for their homes. Instead of moving, we’re choosing to create the spaces we’ve always dreamt of with more control over the chosen style too. Along with this, we’re seeing more households choosing to have roof lantern’s fitted too, along with requests for roof lantern blinds on the rise. One of the key questions we get here at Skylight Blinds is, what size roof lantern blind should I buy? And, due to the fit-yourself ethos we work to, this is actually a very easy question to answer. 

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What Can I Use To Cover My Skylight?

Hessian brown blackout skylight window for roof windows

Lifestyle Blinds | Hessian Blackout Skylight Blinds

Skylights are unique to all other types of windows. Largely used in loft conversions or on single floor extensions, they are an effective way of drawing in more natural light. However, because of their angle and unique placement, most blinds aren’t suitable. Yes – natural light is great and makes a room look larger when used effectively. But, there are also many situations where having the ability to control and minimise these light rays is essential. So, what can I use to cover my skylight? 

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Do Skylight Windows Need Blinds?

Lime green skylight blinds and roller blinds in a monochrome kitchen

Choosing the right blind for your window can help to transform a room. Skylight Blinds are a specialist option within the window dressing market, specifically designed to be used on roof windows. Like roller blinds and vertical blinds, they effectively help you to manage light and privacy….

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