Will my roof windows offer enough thermal protection?

Having a roof window fitted is one of the most exciting stages in a new extension. It helps to transform a pile of bricks into a room and allows you to visualise how this space will work when it’s finished. If you’re working with a professional architect or builder, you’ll know that there are many things to consider when purchasing roof windows. And one that is most relevant to us here at Skylight Blinds is thermal protection – e.g how much heat your window will lose during a period of time.

Dulux Roof Window Example 

In this blog, we’ll look at thermal protection in more detail and how the right skylight blind helps to improve this significantly. 

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Open Plan Living – How to dress your conservatory and orangery windows properly

As a nation, we are obsessed with the outdoors. And who can blame us? The English countryside is one of the most beautiful in the world. From our Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) through to our conservation areas , it seems only fair that we strive to bring this beauty into our home. Many opt for artwork or patterned wallpaper to achieve this. However one of the most popular ways of both increasing house value and bringing the outdoors in are conservatories.

A photo showing a large conservatory with glass doors and paved flooring

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The Top 5 Big Trends in Home Improvement

As the housing market slump slowly begins to recover, home builders are finding that they have to become more innovative in their designs as the industry is pushing more for features, lower prices and eco-friendly building materials. Home buyers want a home that is comfortable, easy to maintain and that is energy efficient. These two factors have created some interested new home construction and renovation trends for 2018. Keep reading and let us share with you some of our favourites.

1. A More Natural Look

From flooring and walls, to roofs, windows and skylights, home designers are adding more natural touches to their newest designs. Bleached, limed and washed-wood finishes are the popular choice and manufacturers are supplying the demand.

image credit https://www.homestylecentral.com/attic-bedroom-ideas/

2. Clean Lines with More Open Space

Open floor plans and more contemporary designs are becoming more popular in new home designs. Builders are adding skylights to every room in the house for more natural light and better ventilation and exteriors are getting cleaner designs with standing-seam roofs. An abundance of glass and lift-and-slide doors, designed to open and disappear, bring the outdoors in.

3. Let the Outdoors In

Why limit yourself to your indoor spaces when you have so much square footage outside? The backyard is more than just a patio and some foliage now days. Builders are incorporating pizza ovens, fire pits and outdoor kitchens that rival some of their most luxe indoor counterparts.

4. High Tech Game Rooms

Home entertainment is important to new home buyers and many are choosing to use their extra living space as a dedicated game room or media hub. Flat screen TV’s, home theatre systems, even a renewed focus on the wet bar, are the latest trends for new home building or renovation projects.

5. Eco-Friendly

From energy saving appliances and geothermal pumps, to clean-air filtration systems and skylights, new homes are being built to be more eco-friendly and healthier for the homeowners.

New home building trends for 2018 are adding more convenience features, eco-friendly touches and a more natural approach to home design that enables homeowners to have a custom-built home for less money.