Internal or External Skylight Blinds – Which Is Best For Your Home?

As more and more of us look to extend our homes, skylight windows are continuing to rise in popularity. With this, there is an increased need for homeowners to understand their options when it comes to window dressings. Managing light and privacy are essential – especially when you’re working with windows directly facing the sun and overlooked in new ways, previously unconsidered ways. For skylight windows, you have two main options when it comes to light management – internal or external skylight blinds. But, what are the differences? And, which ones are best suited to your home?

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Install Your Own Skylight Blinds & Stay Safe

We have spoken at length about the many benefits of skylight blinds in our blog over the years. Giving you the ability to manage light, control privacy, and choose your own style are just some of the reasons why they remain so popular. Here at Skylight Blinds Direct, we’re passionate about removing the myth that this type of window blind has to be hard to install. We have worked over the years to create a range of skylight blinds that can be fitted by individuals with no previous experience. And, we’re also conscious of how precious time is in our modern world. 

Installing skylight blinds yourself

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A Guide To Tackling Heat In Conservatories With Skylight Blinds

If you’ve ever had a conservatory or spent a length of time in one, you’ll know they’re not traditionally the best at managing temperature. You’re either too hot or too cold – stuck in a heat box or shivering to your bones. Most of the time, this lack of temperature control is due to age. Older conservatories simply weren’t designed with the technology we have at our disposal now. However, even if you can’t afford to have a brand new conservatory fitted, there are ways to tackle excessive or reduced heat in these unique spaces. Read our guide here to find out more about skylight blinds, glass films and new roofs. 

LanternLITE Roof Lantern Bling
DIY roof lantern blinds

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How installing blinds yourself could protect the safety of your family

Here in the UK, we’re slowly making our way out of lockdown. Restrictions have begun to lift and we are, once again, allowed to see our friends and family. However, with this added freedom still comes the need to be vigilant. Increased hand washing, sanitising and disinfection have become common-place in our homes. And, the need to restrict visitors to minimise the risk of contamination still rings true. Installing blinds yourself offers another solution to protecting the safety of your family. And, with modern advances, this has become easier than ever. 

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Your Guide To Skylight Blinds For Loft Bedrooms

Loft bedrooms and conversion applications continue to rise every single year. In fact, examination in 2018 showed a 114% increase year-on-year during that period alone. And now in 2020, ‘loft conversions’ returns an average monthly search volume of 22,200. An increasing number of us are looking to the homes we already own instead of moving on. In place of flooding websites like Right Move with searches for larger properties, we are now searching for ways to increase the space we already have. We have an abundance of articles already written by our experts which you can find here. But today’s guide will walk you through our advice on turning a loft conversion into a bedroom that works, fits your needs and increases your properties value. 

An image of a bedroom loft conversion with wooden beams
Image credit: Penelope Allen Designs
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