Discover the Eliminate® Roof Lantern Blind

Skylight windows, roof lanterns and orangeries are a common feature in many modern-day homes; however, while motorised skylight blinds for smaller skylight windows are readily accessible, finding the right blind for these larger windows can be tricky, especially if they are positioned above a large area such as a dining room or conservatory. Each of these windows requires a blind that is strong, durable and will remain taut throughout its usage to avoid unsightly sagging or bowing. Consequently, if you’re after a sturdy blind for your rooftop window,  Eliminate® Roof lantern blinds could be just what you’re looking for…

Perfect for large skylights, Roof lanterns and orangeries, the Eliminate® Skylight Blind is a motorised Roof lantern blind blind designed especially for horizontal, hard-to-reach windows. Created from time-tested roller and ‘fabric teeth’ technology, this sophisticated blind is truly an innovation in home design; not only can it be operated from below using an advanced remote-control system, but it can also be tailor-made from a variety of durable fabrics to suit your personal preferences. So, whether you’d like a total blackout experience or a thermal blind to help keep your home heated, creating a bespoke Eliminate® Skylight Blind to suit you won’t be a problem!

As well as being made from the finest fabrics, the functionalities behind  Eliminate® Roof Lantern Blinds also give the product a slick and stylish edge that is second to none when it comes to motorised window blinds:

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Roof Lantern Blind for orangery in Antiglare fabric

Roof Lantern Blind for orangery in Antiglare fabric


Fabric Tension System

To avoid sagging, bowing and creases, the Eliminate® Skylight Blind incorporates a unique tension system to help keep your blind as taut as possible. Not only does this revolutionary technology ensure the fabric is flat at all times, but it also helps extend the lifespan of the blind as it will stay looking newer for longer as a result of its firm appearance.

Aluminium Cassette

Homeowners can purchase the Eliminate® Skylight Blind in two cassette sizes depending on the dimensions of their window; while the 95 mm2 tends to be better for slightly smaller apertures, the 120mm2 is ideal for larger styles. Crafted from precision-machined aluminium, these cassettes are also another feature that gives the Eliminate® Skylight Blind an extended lifespan and ensure long-lasting usage.

Slick Finish

An overlying shelf conceals the technical elements of the Eliminate® Skylight Blind including the cassette, framework and fixings. When the blind is shut, this shelving provides a super slick finish to ensure your home remains stylish yet practical.

Finally, the Eliminate® Skylight Blind can be fitted to windows with a maximum size of 4000mm width and 4600mm drop, meaning that even homeowners with particularly large windows can find a blind that’s right for them. However, it should be noted that a central tension strap will be incorporated into Eliminate® Skylight Blinds with a width of 3500mm or more to ensure the best performance.


So, if you’ve been struggling to find the right blind for your dimly lit roof lantern or need an all-encompassing cover for your orangery, here at Skylight Blinds Direct, we can offer the solution! Check out the Eliminate® Skylight Blind on our website or to receive more information, give us a call on 0800 008 6293 today. Additionally, for a full demonstration of the Eliminate® Skylight Blind, take a look at the video below:

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