How to maintain and clean your skylight blinds

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Like many of you up and down the country, we’ve spent the last 4 months confined to our houses in an attempt to protect the NHS. And, as a result, we’ve become more aware of the home around us. Inspiring a host of DIY projects and renovations, this reflective period has also highlighted just how much maintenance goes into keeping every single room looking pristine. And, as experts in skylight blinds, it only seemed right that we’ve been concentrating on the best ways to clean and maintain these practical home accessories. Our latest blog will give you our top tips on how to keep your skylight windows and blinds looking pristine to prolong their lifespan and ensure your home is an enjoyable place to be.

Why is cleaning and maintenance important for skylight blinds? 

We all know the pride felt when guests walk into a sparkling clean room. Not only does it make the space look exquisite but it also shows a sense of pride in your home. But when it comes to skylight blinds, the need for maintenance is more than just looks. Keeping your window dressings clean helps to:

  • Prolong longevity – Built-up dust or grime can cause components within your blinds to struggle to work properly. If additional pressure is needed to open or adjust them, it can cause breaks or damage to occur. And this will eventually result in the need to invest in costly replacements. Keeping them clean will significantly minimise this and extend the expected lifespan. 
  • Minimise allergies – In busy homes, you never know who may need to adjust window coverage and privacy. And, if members of your family suffer from dust-related allergies, badly cleaned blinds can cause harmful dust mites to be released into the air when your blinds are opened. Keeping this build-up to a minimum essentially reduces the impact that these allergens can have on a daily basis. 
  • Maintain your investment –  Having skylight blinds installed in your home is an investment, even if you get a good deal. They are custom-made for your windows, dependant on the brand of windows you have and are normally manufactured from high-quality materials as a result. When you choose to have them installed, you’re investing in your home. If you allow these blinds to become dirty and broken, you’re losing out on the investment you’ve made. 

How to clean your skylight blinds

We’ve pulled together our top tips for maintaining and cleaning your skylight blinds so you make the most of them every single day. 

Dust regularly 

All surfaces in the home can become dusty and skylight blinds are no exception. Even though they sit on your roof, the materials used can still hold on to dust particles if not cleaned regularly. We recommend dusting your blinds at least once a week. Use a telescopic duster or a ladder to reach your windows safely and shift the top layer of dust away. Avoid using harsh chemicals directly on fabrics as these can cause the dye to run or fibres to become damaged. 

Spot clean regularly 

If you’ve noticed soils or heavy dust coverage on areas of your blinds, spot cleaning will help to shift these. We recommend starting with a soft sponge/cloth and a very mild detergent. Dab the wet sponge on to the soiled spot gentle and work away the mark. Avoid wiping or applying excessive pressure to the fabric as this can cause damage. And stay away from chemicals that can cause fabric dye to discolour or run. 


Most vacuums come with a soft furnishings brush attachment. This is the perfect tool to remove additional loose dust and dirt from your skylight blinds. Similar to dusting, use a ladder or steps to reach the right height. Be gentle here – most vacuums will be strong enough to suction away dust without you needed to apply too much pressure. 

Wipe down the frame

You’ll need to make sure the skylight blind frame is just as well-maintained as the fabric section. The frame is the mechanism that allows your blind to be adjusted open and closed, making it a vital component for light control and privacy. Wipe down the frame with a soft cloth, water and a gentle detergent. Try and remove dust/dirt from the internal mechanism to prevent the blind from sticking during use. Be careful of scratching or damaging any finishes. 

How to clean your skylight window

When it comes to maintaining your skylights, it’s important to consider the windows themselves too. These need to be cleaned regularly and well to allow as much natural light into your home as possible. Roll your blinds up before you begin to prevent them from becoming wet and to give you clear access to the windows. 

Clean during cooler periods

As they are exposed to direct sunlight, we advise that you clean your skylight windows in the early morning or early evening. This will reduce the temperature of the windows and make it easier to get a streak-free finish. 

Soak to loosen dirt

Use a mild detergent and water mix to soak off stubborn dirt or debris. This will make it easier to remove all contaminants and give you a better result in the end. 

Use non-abrasive cleaners

Avoid harsh chemicals and choose a mild glass cleaner. Apply this with a soft sponge or cloth in circles. 

Use a squeegee 

You’ll want to remove the cleaning chemical as soon as possible with a squeegee or a lint-free cloth. 

If you need any more information on how to maintain your skylight blinds or would like to speak to a member of the Skylight Blinds Direct team, get in contact today.

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