How to Create a Stylish Interior for Loft Conversions

Having a loft conversion is a great way to ensure you make the most of the space in your home. Furthermore, as with any new room, newly converted lofts also present homeowners with a great opportunity to get creative by decorating and styling the space as they wish. However, at times, interior design can be stressful, especially after a long conversion process. So here at Skylight Blinds Direct, we’ve got some top tips to help you create a super stylish rooftop pad that will fit perfectly into your home:

Decide the Room’s Purpose

Key to any interior design process is deciding the purpose of the room before you begin the styling process. While you may have some initial thoughts about how you might use your new loft space, have you considered ideas outside of the usual uses for loft conversions? Although it’s nice to have a spare bedroom or an office, loft conversions lend themselves to several other choices that are a little quirkier:

  • A closet
  • A home cinema
  • An inside garden
  • A library
  • A bathroom
  • An art studio
  • A music room
  • A man cave

Whatever you go for, it’s always best to decide how you will use your loft conversion before embarking on the furnishing and decorating process.

Pick a Colour Scheme

Once you have chosen what your loft conversion will be used for, you can get down to the nitty-gritty of deciding what kind of colours you would like it to be. This will, of course, depend very much on the purpose of the room; if you’ve chosen to create a home cinema, for example, you will probably want to look at a darker colour palette to set the right atmosphere for movie watching. Alternatively, an art studio will likely be filled with lighter colours in order to reflect light and prove less distracting for those working in there. Finally, if you’ve decided to create an indoor garden, this could be a great excuse to bring some on-trend jungle vibes into your new attic space, with vibrant colours such as greens, yellows and pinks.

Utilise the Space

Loft conversions are usually not the biggest of spaces; consequently, you may be concerned about having enough room to fit in certain types of furniture. With this in mind, there are a number of innovatively designed pieces of furniture currently available that serve to utilise small spaces. For example, if your loft conversion is going to be a child’s bedroom, you could invest in ‘overlapping’ bunkbeds instead of using up more space with two single beds. If you’ve decided to create a closet, walk-in wardrobes are a fantastic space-saving solution that make the room feel less enclosed. Nifty tricks such as having hooks on your wall where you can hang clothing can also free up space that would have otherwise been taken up by furniture. Additionally, remote controlled skylight blinds may also prove beneficial in small spaces as they can be controlled from up to 35 metres away, meaning the area below the window does not have to be free of furniture.

Be as Minimalist as Possible

Finally, try not to clutter the room too much. Lofts and attics are known for being filled with unwanted or rarely used items before being converted, so don’t make the same mistake afterwards! Once you’ve decorated and styled your new area accordingly, add some simple finishing touches such as ornaments or trinkets to finish it off nicely. Small pictures are also a great touch to smaller spaces, so think about adding somewhere appropriate.

Converting your loft can be a stressful process but following these tips should help to ensure you make the most of your new rooftop space, whatever you decide to use it as! Here at Skylight Blinds Direct, we can help you find the right blind to fit in perfectly with the colour scheme of your new loft conversion, so get in touch today for more information about our extensive range of coloured blinds.

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