How Translucent Skylight Blinds Can Help In Winter

One of the main purposes of skylight blinds is to help you to manage light in your conservatory, extension or loft. Roof windows are positioned at the optimal angle to allow in as much natural light as possible. While this helps to visually maximise the space inside your new room, it also means you need to find the most appropriate way to manage this. And, for many households, that is by using translucent skylight blinds. But are these specialist window blinds only for summer? 

A playroom fitted with spotted translucent skylight blinds

What are translucent blinds for skylight windows?  

Designed to help manage light effectively, translucent skylight blinds help to diffuse sunlight. Unlike sun-blocking designs, such as blackout blinds, they won’t block out all light. Instead, the woven fabric allows in a percentage of light while also blocking out the harsh rays that cause glare. They are also known as light-filtering blinds and are a popular choice for households of all different types. 

What benefits do they offer? 

As with many other styles on the market today, translucent skylight blinds are suited to specific rooms and purposes. The benefits they provide include:

  • Light control – When rolled down, you’ll be able to dial back on the light that enters the room. If you have a south-facing or direct sun-facing window, you’ll likely be able to draw a significant amount of natural light into the space. While this is great for many reasons, it’s important to also have a way to control this. Translucent blinds mean you’ll still have full use of the room in question without the discomfort of glare or other excessive light-related ailments. 
  • Privacy – Often and especially in built-up areas, we find that roof windows can be overlooked in some way. This could be from other windows in your own home or, in some instances, other households. Translucent blinds allow you to protect the privacy of your family members without using blackout blinds and completely eliminating any chance of using the room during the day. 
  • Energy-saving – Again, having window blinds that help you to use natural light to your advantage is vital. And, it will help you to become less reliant on household lights during the day. 
  • Versatile – There are a wide variety of colours and styles available to suit your needs. You may think that translucent blinds need to be in a soft colour to get the benefits fully. But, you’d be wrong. Even bolder colours such as Lavender, Zest Yellow or even Rock Grey can be used to offer all of the benefits we’ve listed above. 

How do translucent blinds help in Winter?

Picture this. It’s a crisp winter afternoon. You’ve finally carved out a few moments to get that important presentation finished before the school pick up. So, you sit down in your office, turn on the screen and notice that the low Winter sun is shining directly through your skylight windows and on your screen. While this may never have issued you in the warmer months, the glare now becomes a problem that could potentially inhibit productivity during these few precious hours. This is where translucent window blinds come into play. If you were to roll them down, you’d still benefit from muted light which would keep your office space usable while putting a stop to excessive and distracting light rays. 

This works just as well in entertaining spaces. Rather than gathering around the table with friends and shifting constantly to try and stay out of excessive sunlight, you can roll them closed. You’ll still be able to chat, eat and enjoy every moment without needing to turn on the overhead lights and run up your electricity bill. 

Translucent blinds are a household addition that suits during any season. They come in a host of colours to suit your interior design and can be made to fit most popular brands of roof windows. There’s no reason why your home decor nor your plans need to alter just because low winter sun has arrived. The Skylight Blinds Direct range of Translucent Blinds for Skylight Windows can be viewed and purchased online here. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to get in contact with our team who will be happy to assist.

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