How to Improve the Air Quality of Your Home

Sometimes, the air in our homes can seem stuffy and polluted, especially during the summer when the weather is warmer, and it is more difficult to get a constant flow of fresh air through our properties. Additionally, this lack of airflow also makes it harder to banish any potentially harmful pollutants that come from the products we use within our homes, such as air fresheners, cleaning products, insect repellent, glues and paints. So how can you increase the air quality in your home during those hot summer months? Below, we’ve provided some useful tips to help you breathe easy:

Open the Windows

Fresh air is the key to good ventilation, so try and open as many windows as possible to enable outside air to travel in. A great way to ‘pull’ air in is by opening a window that’s higher up in your home such as a skylight window; not only does this allow fresh air to flow in but it also enables hot, stuffy air that has risen to the top of your property to escape.

If you find the sun’s glare is little too much while your skylight window is open, having a motorised blind installed will enable you to shut your blind using a remote control and block out those intense rays while your window remains open. Here at Skylight Blinds Direct, our motorised skylight blindscan be operated from over 35 meters away, making them perfect for high up windows!

Clean with Eco-Friendly Products

As previously mentioned, along with several other household products, many of the cleaning products we use on a regular basis often produce gases or vapours that can contaminate the air within our homes. As such, you may want to consider opting for more natural cleaners that don’t emit such powerful pollutants. There are a large variety of non-toxic cleaning products available to purchase, or you can even make your own cleaning solutions using a range of ingredients including bicarbonate of soda, tea tree oil and vinegar.

Groom Pets Outside

Albeit unknowingly, pets significantly contribute to air pollution within our homes by shedding hair, skin cells and dirt on a regular basis. Consequently, grooming your pet outside the house can significantly reduce their impact of the air quality of your home as well as help to keep your floors and furniture cleaner too! If for whatever reason you do have to groom your pet inside, ensure you keep your doors and windows open to enable fresh air to flow through and carry away any floating debris!

Purchase Indoor Plants

As well as being a hot accessory in one of this year’s most popular interior trends, indoor plants are also great for improving indoor air quality – two fantastic reasons to have them in your home! Not only do plants help to create a more oxygenated environment, but they also act as natural air filters by the cleansing the air of particles that contain harmful compounds, making the air in our homes cleaner and thus more breathable. Plants that are particularly apt for air-cleaning include dwarf date palms, devil’s ivy and flamingo lilies.

Keep Food Waste Outside

While composting food is a great way to help the environment overall, having a container full of decomposing food waste in your kitchen can create pungent odours that can pollute the air within your home. As such, instead of keeping your food waste inside, placing it outdoors will enable those unpleasant smells to evaporate into the air outside rather than permeate the air inside.


Do you have any more useful advice that could help others improve the air quality of their homes? If so, share them with us on our social media channels or head over to our website now to browse our extensive range of skylight window blinds.






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