Why You Should Invest in Solar Powered Blinds this Summer

After a rather long and drawn-out winter, it’s great to finally see the sun shining. With warmer weather and longer days, summer is the optimal time for solar powered products. Consequently, if you’re looking to purchase a new blind for your skylight windows this summer, why not consider a solar powered motorised skylight blind? Not only do motorised blinds add a touch of luxury to your home in that they can be operated at the touch of a button but they are also extremely practical, powered entirely by solar energy and perfect for hard to reach windows. Here are just a few more reasons why you should invest in a solar powered motorised blind this summer:

1. They are energy efficient

The biggest benefit of all solar powered blinds is that they are incredibly energy efficient. Being powered by solar energy alone means that they require no extra energy source to function; as such, not only can they benefit you financially by saving you money on your electricity bill, but their solar reliance also makes them environmentally friendly too!

2. They help to regulate temperature

Solar powered blinds are made using special absorptive material. This has a twofold effect; not only does it enable energy to be absorbed quickly but it also serves to reduce the amount of heat entering your home while deflecting the sun’s glare. As a result, this means the temperature in your home is far more regulated and the need for additional cooling systems such as fans and air conditioning is lessened, which is especially beneficial in the summertime.

3. They protect from ultraviolet rays

It is a well-known fact that ultraviolet rays can be harmful, especially to your skin. As such, it is important to protect yourself from these potentially dangerous rays at all times, even when you’re at home. Solar powered motorised blinds successfully block out ultraviolet rays and instead, absorb them as energy before they can do any damage. Consequently, they can help to prevent the development of sun-related illnesses while keeping you cool and comfortable.

Additionally, as well as protecting you, solar powered motorised blinds can also stop the sun’s rays from damaging the furniture inside your home by protecting it from fading or warping. This ultimately serves to increase the lifespan of certain items, meaning you can enjoy your furniture for longer!

4. They make views clearer

At times, heavy curtains, thick blinds or elaborate drapes can cover the majority of your window, even when drawn. Although this is a less common problem for skylight windows, many skylight blinds available to purchase on the current market still serve to impair the view looking out from inside your home. Here at Skylight Blinds Direct, the slick and sleek design of our solar powered motorised skylight blinds means you’ll always be able to see clearly when looking out of your window!

5. They will always match your décor

Whether the interior of your home is bold and bright or calm and neutral, we offer an extensive range of solar powered motorised skylight blinds in a variety of different designs and colours, meaning you’ll always be able to find something to sit perfectly within your home.


Whether you’re searching for solar powered motorised skylight blinds for keylite windows, optilight windows or tyrem windows, our experienced team of experts will always be happy to help you find the right blind for you! Contact us now by calling 0800 008 6293 or get in touch via our social media channels, and don’t forget to check out the video below for a demonstration of one of our solar powered motorised blinds in action! 

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