Kitted-Out Conservatories: Spring Cleaning

Spring is a time of revitalisation, so what better time to revive your conservatory with a nifty spring clean? Whether you’ve given it a fresh spring makeover that’s created a little mess or it’s just in need of a thorough clean after those long winter months, we’ve got some great tips to help you make your conservatory sparkle this spring: 

Glass and Roof Cleaning

Begin your big spring clean by tackling the toughest job first: cleaning the interior roof and windows of your conservatory. You can reach these areas by using either a stepladder or extension pole; however, if you choose the former, be sure that you firmly secure the ladder and place it on a flat and stable surface before using it. Additionally, we also recommend placing a protective sheet over any furniture below the areas that will be cleaned to avoid it getting dripped on or stained by soapy water.

 Once these preparations are in place, you’ll need a cleaning solution consisting of warm water and detergent, a sponge and a squeegee to clean your roof and windows. Start by rubbing the solution into the glass panels in a circular motion to remove any dirt or stains that may have built up. Then, wipe down the glass using your squeegee to remove the leftover solution. Finally, to finish, give your roof and windows that perfect shine by gently polishing them with paper towels or a micro-fibre cleaning cloth.

 Additionally, if you have any window blinds in your conservatory, it is also worth giving these a quick clean as they are likely to have accumulated some grime throughout the winter. Whether your conservatory feature’s skylight blinds for Aurora windows or Velux windows, hoovering them or wiping them down with warm soapy water will successfully remove any dirt, giving them a fresh new feel for spring.


Next, to match your now-sparkling roof and windows, dust down your window frames and sills with either a damp cloth or duster. If these features are coated with a particularly thick layer of dust, a damp cloth will serve to remove it; however, make sure you continually rinse the cloth to dispose of any excess dust. Alternatively, a dry dusting cloth is a simple but effective way of eliminating light patches of dust. 


No matter what type of flooring you have, a thorough hoover throughout your conservatory will serve to suck up all that dust as well as capture any cobwebs that may be lingering in any nooks and crannies. To reach enclosed areas, e.g. under a sofa or behind a cupboard, pull out your furniture and hoover underneath. Similarly, if the hoover you’re using has an extendable nozzle, use this to remove any hidden grime from the narrow or high up areas of your conservatory.

Let the Fresh Air in

Let the outside in with a burst of fresh air by opening any windows or doors in your conservatory that lead out into your garden. Additionally, remove any soft furnishings such as cushion covers, blankets or rugs and take them outside to beat off any remaining dust. Once you have given them each a good shake, pop them back inside while putting away any that are only used during winter, e.g. blankets, throws etc. Finally, add the finishing touch of a bunch of beautiful spring flowers to freshen up your conservatory even more!


Once you’ve finished your mighty spring clean, kick back and admire your efforts in your newly sparkling conservatory with a well-earned cuppa and start planning how you’ll be enjoying your revitalised space this spring! To find out more about how you can make the most of your conservatory this spring, check out the rest of our Kitted-Out Conservatories series.

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