Kitted-Out Conservatories: Spring Dinner Party

You’ve given your conservatory a fresh new look and a much-needed clean, making it ‘spick and span’ for springtime. Now all that’s left to do is show off your sparkling new space … so why not throw a spring dinner party? Make the most of those increasingly long evenings by treating your friends or family to a luxurious dining experience in your now-glowing conservatory, where they can watch the sun go down while savouring a flavoursome home cooked meal. While the food is an integral part of any dinner party, creating the right ambience is also key. Consequently, we’ve put together some top tips to help you create the perfect setting for your spring soiree:


Spring is full of vibrant colours and fresh new produce, so why not reflect this in the dishes you make for your dinner party? If you want to go for a light but tasty meal, fish and fresh green salads are always a great choice; lay out a gorgeous fillet of deliciously pink salmon sprinkled with chilli and lime for your guests to enjoy, paired with a sugar snap, radish and feta salad. Alternatively, stuffed vegetables also make the perfect springtime meal. Swap those winter vegetables such as squashes and sweet potato for vibrant peppers, juicy tomatoes and fleshy aubergines and fill them with a mixture of soft couscous, ricotta and green pesto. Finally, finish on a sweet and celebrate that wonderful spring produce with chewy meringues and zesty fruit salads.


No dinner party is complete without a gorgeously decorated table, so bring the outside in and get creative with florae, fabrics and fruit for your table setup. If you’d like to achieve a rustic look, start by creating a centrepiece for your table; choose a selection of flowers and fruits of similar colours. Then, take two or three old wooden crates and carefully arrange the flowers and fruit, placing different variations next to one another to create a lively combination of shades and textures. Finally, place your vibrant display in the middle of your table on top of a dazzling white tablecloth to ignite those wonderful spring colours.

Next, create some simple yet novel place cards for your dinner guests using squares of brown card and fresh fruit. If you want to keep it simple, print out some name cards; however, those who enjoy arts and crafts can cut out a small square of the card for every guest and write their names out by hand. Once you’ve got your name cards, choose a piece of fruit (rounder fruits such as peaches, apples and oranges tend to work best) and cut a small slit on one side. Finally, place your name card in the slot you have made to achieve a sweet little table feature!

Lastly, decorate the more sparse areas of your table by popping a selection of colourful spring flowers into two or three empty glass bottles. Then, take some pinstripe or pastel-coloured fabric and cut it into small rectangles; wrap these rectangles around your glass bottles, securing them at the neck of the bottle with a brown string bow.


Upon arrival, your guests can bask in the warm sunshine that will be streaming through your conservatory windows. However, if the heat gets a little too much, a blackout blind will serve to absorb any incoming warmth, keeping your conservatory cool and comfortable. Here at Skylight Blinds Direct, we have a large selection of blackout blinds for skylight windows that reflect heat in the spring/summer and conserve it in the winter, making them a great choice for conservatory skylights.

If you have opted to close your blind or the evening has grown a little darker, mood lighting is a great way to take the atmosphere of a dinner party down a notch and help your guests to unwind as the evening goes on. Create a novel yet serene atmosphere by draping a string of fairy lights around or across your conservatory or achieve instant ambience with a selection of candles, dotting them around your conservatory to create a warm and tranquil glow that will last long into the night.


Have you got any other tips on how to host the perfect spring dinner party? We’d love to hear about them! Get in touch on our social media channels to share your advice or send us a photo of your spring dinner party, conservatory setup!


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