Love Your Loft: Dressing Rooms

For many fashionistas, having enough storage space for clothing is often an issue; if you’re struggling for space and are constantly at war with your wardrobe, having a loft dressing room could be the perfect solution to your clothing chaos…

Not only will using your loft space as a dressing room provide you with a private place for all of your belongings, but it will also make it easier for you to keep your bedroom tidier, meaning you won’t be met by a barrage of mess every time you enter it! Additionally, due to its rooftop location, you’ll likely enjoy some peace and quiet when getting yourself ready, which is always handy seeing as deciding what to wear can often be a stressful process. Check out our tips below on how to transform your loft into a personal dressing room:


When you begin decking out your new dressing room, the first thing to think about is storage. Although most lofts tend to be smaller, the space within them can still be utilised effectively to provide a fantastic mix of storage; consequently, rather than just settling for a basic wardrobe, you may want to consider different styles of storage to ensure you make the most of the available space. For example, having a fitted wardrobe will enable you to create personalised ‘floor to ceiling’ storage that can be used for several different purposes. Similarly, pull-out draws and foldaway rails will provide extra storage if needed, but can be easily concealed if not. Finally, small additions like wall hooks or box shelving units that can be used for smaller items also make great storage solutions.


For most of us, trying on clothes and getting dolled up is usually a fairly lengthy process, so having somewhere comfortable to sit throughout is essential. While opting for the classic combo of a dressing table and chair is always a safe bet, if you fancy doing something a little different, incorporating a stylish chaise longue is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your new dressing room. Similarly, if you want to set aside a specific area of the room for seating, a small but brightly coloured sofa makes a fun and vibrant addition that can be used as a place for relaxation as well as for more practical purposes like trying on shoes or laying out outfit choices.


Having a selection of different sized mirrors in your new dressing room will help you determine how you look from all angles, meaning you can go out feeling as confident as possible. As such, we recommend having at least one full-length mirror somewhere in the room, either as a standalone accessory or as a built-in feature, e.g. in your wardrobe. Additionally, having a slightly smaller mirror that you can use for hair and makeup is also advisable; if you want that film star feel to your dressing room, a Hollywood vanity mirror bordered with LED lights will add a novel touch to getting ready. Alternatively, an illuminated cordless makeup mirror can be moved around, meaning you can put your makeup on anywhere in the room with the assurance of sufficient lighting at all times.


As well as providing a practical space for all of your bits and bobs, your dressing room should also be styled to reflect your personality, making it a place that you relish being in. So, whether you’re a ‘pretty in pink’ kinda girl or a modern madam, putting your own stamp on the room by filling it with things you love is essential. Start by adding decorative elements to the room to give to give it a homely but stylish feel; these may include cushions and throws as well as smaller items such as trinkets and plants.

As well as aesthetics, you should also think about whether any practical additions to the room would serve to enhance your dressing room experience further. For example, if you have a skylight window in your newly converted dressing room, you may want to consider purchasing a motorised blind as this will enable you to control the amount of light entering the room using a remote from wherever you are without disturbing your makeup routine. Here at Skylight Blinds Direct, we offer an extensive range of motorised skylight blinds in a variety of colours and patterns, meaning whatever the style of your new loft dressing room, you’re sure to find a blind to match.


Are you the proud owner of a gorgeous loft dressing room? If so, tell us about it via our social media channels – we’d love to hear from you!



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