Love Your Loft: Home Cinemas

Most of us will agree that going to the cinema is always a fantastic experience. But have you ever thought about bringing the cinema to you? If you’re a film buff, your newly converted loft could be the perfect space for a snug home cinema! Enjoy a family classic with the kids or get cosy with your loved one and sample the latest thriller in the comfort of your own home while relishing all the excitement of a regular trip to the pictures. Not only can having your own cinema at home save you money on often pricey tickets but it can also provide you with the ultimate screen to enjoy a surround sound gaming experience on too! So, for all you film fanatics, we’ve got some great advice to help you plan and create a stunning home cinema:

Sound Proofing

If you live in a semidetached property or have neighbours close by, it’s probably best to soundproof your loft to ensure that you can enjoy the full effect of having a home cinema without disturbing others. You can do this before or after your loft has been converted: if you’re still in the conversion stage, adding cavity wall installation or stud walls will provide an effective sound barrier. Alternatively, if you’re working with a newly converted space, foam tiles can be placed on the wall and ceiling to absorb any escaping sound. By soundproofing your loft, you’ll be able to relish a surround sound experience without worrying about the neighbours.

Limiting Light Sources

One of the reasons that a loft is such an ideal place for a cinema is because of its lack of natural light sources. Being a rooftop room, lofts rarely have windows and if they do, perhaps only one or two that let a minimal amount of light into the room. Darkness is desirable when building a home cinema, so providing the room is well ventilated, this absence of natural light is actually a good thing! If you do have a window, it’s best to block out as much light as you can by purchasing a specialist blind. If you have a skylight window in your loft conversion, here at Skylight Blinds Direct, we have an extensive range of blackout blinds for skylight windows in a variety of colours, perfect for home cinemas.

Dark Colour Scheme

Like all cinemas, the colours within your home-grown picture house should be as dark as you’re willing to go to create the right atmosphere for film viewing. Consequently, avoid brightly coloured walls and ceilings and try to pick a colour that won’t reflect any light such as black or navy blue. Alternatively, if you don’t fancy being submerged in complete darkness, you could always go for a slightly less intense choice; dark browns and deep reds are great alternatives that will provide a classic feel to your cinema. As well as the walls and ceilings, the floor is something that should also be considered. If you’re after maximum comfort, a dark carpet will work well for you. However, if you’re concerned about snack and drink spillages from little ones, lino may be a better choice for you as this is far easier to clean.

Comfortable Furniture

Comfy seating is another element that makes the cinema experience. Consequently, you’ll want to deck out your home cinema with a variety of soft and relaxing furniture that’s not only comfortable but also efficient in utilising the space. Although having one large sofa can work for couples or smaller families, having rows of seating like a real cinema is often best to ensure everyone fits in comfortably. As well as having individual seating, create extra comfort with small but stylish cushions – you could even go all out with drinks holders too!

Projection Gear

A projector and a big screen are essentially the most important elements of any cinema, so don’t skimp on these necessities. Shop around to not only find the best projection gear for your big screen experience but also, the best deal; the internet can provide a wealth of information about the best tech companies and products, so this may be your first port of call when searching for the right gear for your home cinema. Once you’ve found products that you’re happy with, make sure they will fit into your loft space by taking thorough measurements of the areas where they will be placed. Finally, you may also want to consider investing in a surround sound system to achieve the best audio experience and make your home cinema even more authentic!


Are you the lucky owner of a loft conversion home cinema? If so, reach out to us on social media and share with us your film watching experiences!

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