Love Your Loft: Indoor Gardens

Whether you’re craving your own special space or are simply in need of an extra facility, having your loft converted presents the perfect opportunity for you to get creative with a room that’s right for you. As a result of their often-snug size paired with their cosy atmosphere, attic spaces often lend themselves to a number of unique purposes. In our four-part Love Your Loft series, we’re going to explore some of these purposes and provide some handy advice on how to transform your once lifeless loft space into either an indoor garden, home cinema, bespoke bathroom or novel children’s bedroom. Below, we start by offering some helpful tips on how to build your very own indoor garden:

Style of Garden

There are many different styles of garden, so to begin with, it’s best to decide what variation would suit you best. Are you after a warm and tropical haven that’s full of colour and unusual plants? Or perhaps you’d prefer a more classic garden, with peace lilies and ficus trees, where you can go to relax with a hot beverage and a book? Whichever you choose, try and base your decision on how you will use your garden as this will ultimately affect how its construction as well as the style you go for.

Preparing the Space

Like any living organism, plants need to be well looked after; this includes feeding them, watering them and maintaining the soil in which they grow to ensure they are as nourished as possible. Consequently, to create the right environment for your indoor garden to flourish, there are four important things you must consider:

  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Moisture
  • Ventilation


The likelihood is that the floor of your new naturistic haven will get dirty, damp or wet as a result of you caring for your plants. As such, carpet or wood flooring are not the best choices. Instead, deck out your floor with ceramic, slate or lino as these surfaces are easy to clean as well as hardwearing.


Light is one of the most important resources needed by plants to grow, so illuminating your indoor garden as much as possible is a must. Installing a skylight window is a fantastic way to get lots of natural light into any room, so this is something you will want to consider for your loft indoor garden. Here at Skylight Blinds Direct, we offer a variety of loft window blinds, so finding a blind to match your florals will be no problem! Additionally, you should also think about purchasing fluorescent lights as not only is this type of lighting incredibly energy efficient, but it is can also prove beneficial in spurring the growth of a large variety of plant life.


Alongside being watered, many florae require additional moisture to ensure they are constantly hydrated. There are several ways to maintain a good level of moisture in your indoor garden; these include grouping your plants together, ‘misting’ them regularly by lightly spraying them with water, and planting them in special pebble trays which you can fill up with water that will then evaporate up to the plants.


Good ventilation is key to a successful indoor garden. Not only will fresh air keep your plants oxygenated but it will also help them to stay looking healthy and vibrant. As well as regularly opening your loft window, adding a fan to the room is also a good idea; you can purchase either a floor or ceiling fan, whichever will work best in the available space.

Picking your Plants

The plants featured in your indoor garden will depend primarily on two things: the conditions in your loft and the style you’d like your garden to be. The first will ultimately determine the latter; for example, if the room is still quite dark even with a window and additional lighting, you will need to go for plants that require medium to low levels of light such as Dracaenas, Philodendrons or Palms. Alternatively, if you have plenty of light in your loft, you may decide to feature Aloe Vera, Coleus or Gardenias in your garden. Whatever plants you choose, try combining different textures and shapes to keep it interesting.

Using the Space

Finally, don’t just limit yourself to planting your chosen florals in pots and trays at ground level as walls and ceilings are great places for planting too! Try adding some hooks or growing racks to your walls or hanging some pots from the ceiling to make the most of the available space. However, be sure that both your wall and ceiling containers are waterproof to avoid any nasty leaks below!


Are you transforming your loft into a lavish indoor garden? If so, get in touch on social media and let us know how you’ve styled your new natural haven – we’d love to hear from you!

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