Love Your Loft: Luxury Bathrooms

For many, there’s nothing better than taking a warm soak in the tub surrounded by bubbles and candlelight. However, with one bathroom in the house, finding the time to do this can often be difficult, especially in family homes where bath times and bedtime routines take precedence. Consequently, if you’re converting your loft and are craving a little bit of relaxation time to yourself, why not transform your newfound space into a luxury bathroom? Not only could having an extra bathroom make home life more practical but it is also likely to increase the value of your property overall, which is always a plus! So, if you fancy creating your own luxurious washroom, follow our helpful tips below:

Plan the Plumbing

Plumbing is the most important element of any bathroom as, without sufficient waterworks, your luxury bathroom will cease to exist. Before building your loft bathroom, make a floor plan and mark any areas of existing pipework, along with where they lead to and what they are used for (if possible). If you’re lucky enough to have a plumber in the house, you can do the additional work yourself. However, if not, is it highly recommended that you enlist an industry professional who will be able to help you plan your bathroom to ensure you utilise the space as well as complete the work as quickly as possible.

Maximise the Ventilation

Bathrooms are often one of the most humid rooms in our homes, meaning they need to be ventilated as much as possible, especially when they are confined to smaller and more airtight spaces e.g. a loft. As well as extractor fans, skylight windows are also a fantastic way to ventilate loft bathrooms as not only do they fit snugly into roof space, but they also provide sufficient privacy as a result of their titled angle. Additionally, investing in waterproof roof window blinds will make your bathroom even more secluded as well protecting your window from condensation.

Efficient Design

While some loft spaces will be bigger than others, it is always worth designing your bathroom to make the most of the available space. Compromise is key; consequently, while you may have had a concrete vision of a beautiful roll top bath, you may need to let this go and replace it with a more realistic alternative such as a deluge power shower (often just as enjoyable we might add!). Similarly, if you had in mind a large over-sink mirror that you find just simply will not fit, consider including mirrored tiles instead, which will still add a reflective touch to the room.

Create the Right Environment

Luxury bathrooms are all about the styling, so as well as choosing an effective colour scheme, having the right accessories is also essential to creating a relaxing atmosphere. How you style your bathroom depends totally on your personal preferences; however, colours such as dusty pinks, light greys or classic white are all popular choices when it comes to paint colours and tiles.

Lighting can also hugely impact the feel of your bathroom, so choose wisely. For those wanting to achieve a serene and calming atmosphere, low-level or mood lighting could provide this, along with a selection of candles. Alternatively, if you’re after a more modernistic feel, integrated lighting that runs underneath bathroom cabinets and cupboards may be a better option for you.

Finally, accessorising with super soft towels, pretty little pot plants and indulgent toiletries will all add a luxury feel to your gorgeous new washroom, whatever style it is. If you want to go that extra mile, a bathrobe and some slippers are also a great addition!


Have you transformed your loft conversion into a luxury bathroom? Do you have any additional tips or advice that you can give to others? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch on our social media channels to share your experience with us.

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