Remodelling your home? 3 tips to consider for your skylight blinds

There has never been a more popular time to remodel your home and add in skylight blinds. We’re spending more time at home and, with this additional time (albeit combined with the demands of homeschooling, work, and unwavering family attention), our nation is turning to redecorating and updating their homes. An article from September 2020 predicted a premature rush to have large-scale construction projects completed in advance of the second wave. This time at home has made many of us reaffirm what we need out of our homes – more space 

An image showing a modern and bright bathroom fitted in a loft conversion space

Image credit: Home Building – Image showing skylight blinds in a bathroom

Extensions – both single and double – are an ever-popular choice and with them comes the addition of skylight windows in your home. But, how do you best dress these uniquely directed gateways to the outside and ensure that your new space stays livable throughout the year? Read on for our top 3 tips. 

  1. Consider direction

Skylight windows are used to help bring as much light as possible into a room. This is why they are positioned where they are – on the top of new extensions and directed towards the most direct light. This is brilliant if you’re working with a smaller space or plan to use the new room for specific tasks, such as working or crafting. However, you also need to consider how you will manage this light throughout the day and across seasons. 

If you have a south-facing window, you’ll likely gain sunlight throughout the entire day. This is significantly more apparent during the Summer months where the sun is higher and the days are longer. Your room will be flooded with natural light which is great… right? Well, in fact, there are some situations where this may not be such a favorable feature. Consider using this space as an office (or, right now, as a temporary classroom). Excess sunlight can cause glare on computer screens, reducing productivity and causing a distraction. Uncovered skylight blinds are a key culprit of this – especially if you’re not used to working with light at this angle. Additionally, without the right blind, the sun’s heat will build up in your new working space on the hottest days.  

Options – Translucent & Blackout Skylight Blinds

Consider the direction of your skylight blind window when choosing your blind. Translucent Skylight Blinds are manufactured from a woven material that allows muted light in but reduces direct sunlight. This way, you’ll be able to cover the window to reduce glare without becoming too dependent on your electric lights. Blackout Thermal Skylight Blinds use a multi-layer material that blocks out harsh sun rays while helping to maintain a comfortable internal temperature. Perhaps more suited to bedrooms and areas where complete darkness isn’t a hindrance, they are an ideal way to maintain the usability of your new space. 

  1. Consider the new room

Extensions are commonly used to open up a kitchen, create a designated play area or add an additional room onto a building. Depending on the purpose of the new room, you’ll want to pair this with the type of skylight blind you choose. New bathrooms and kitchens are moisture-rich – many of the appliances and activities that take place here depend on steam, heat, and the use of hot water. While you may believe that your roof windows are out of range when it comes to this consideration, remember that heat rises. Steam rises and even the most careful of dishwashers have the potential to make a splash. 

If you’ve created a new bedroom or nursery, you’ll want to prioritize the quality of your sleep. Naturally, the human body drops into deep sleep quicker if exposed to a darker environment in the hour before bedtime. This is why blackout skylight blinds are such a popular option – they allow you to fully control both privacy and light in one go. But you should also consider the downside here. If you’ve created an office space and are dealing with glare, blackout skylight blinds will likely offer too much of a light block for you to continue working effectively. 

Options – Waterproof and Translucent Skylight Blinds

Consider your fabrics. 100% Waterproof Skylight Blinds have a protective coating that prevents water from reaching the fibers. This reduces the risk of moisture-related damage, including mold, and helps to accentuate durability. These blinds can often be wiped clean quickly, reducing maintenance and allowing you to be freer with your style options. And, as we mentioned above, translucent skylight blinds are ideal for controlling glare and boosting productivity. 

  1. Consider position

Unlike normal windows, skylight window blinds are positioned on the roof of your new extension. This places them out of reach and makes adjusting them a more measured operation. While the position is unlikely to differ from roof window to roof window, you do need to consider how you and your family will adjust them. 

There are two main options here – skylight blind opening poles and electric solar-powered skylight blinds. 

Our Skylight Blind Opening Poles are designed for each brand on the market, from VELUX® through to Optilight®. They are available in 2 lengths – 2m and 3m – and have a telescopic design that brings them down to 1.5m in length during storage. With these, you’ll be able to latch on to the lip of your skylight blind and gently adjust its window coverage. 

Electric solar-powered skylight blinds are a modern solution, using an internal motor and supplied remote control. The solar-powered battery charges through exposure to natural light and is easy-to-install with no wiring required. They are a fully child-safe and cord-free solution that can be operated from distances up to 35 meters away and can be programmed together to be operated from one remote. 

Here at Skylight Blinds Direct, we design and manufacture a wide range of options to suit every single home and every single extension. Get in contact today if you need more information about any of the lines we have in stock.

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