Sleep Well with Skylight Blackout Blinds

Resting in a dark environment is essential to getting a good night’s sleep. However, as we head into spring and summer, it can often be difficult to stop light from creeping in when heading to bed, especially when the evenings are longer and lighter. Similarly, if your home is situated in a built-up area, you may find you are being disturbed by unwanted light sources such as street lamps, vehicle headlights or light from other buildings. So, what can you do to darken your bedroom? Here at Skylight Blinds Direct, we’ve got some suggestions that could help you achieve the perfect night’s sleep:

Purchase a Blackout Blind

To ensure a restful night, your bedroom needs to be as dark as possible, free from external light sources. Having a Skylight blind made from blackout fabric will successfully help to block out any light from outside your window, whether it’s the harsh glare from a nearby street lamp or the faint glow from the evening sun. Additional features such as brush clips also enable these blinds to block out any thin cracks of light, providing a total blackout experience and helping to create a peaceful environment where you can rest undisturbed by light sources.

Switch Off Any Internal Light Sources

Internal light sources can also have a huge impact on sleep. While turning off the TV or bedside lights may seem obvious, there are many electrical devices that often remain on throughout the night that create a subtle yet invasive glow. Digital alarm clocks, standby lights and night lights are just some of the luminous objects that can make it difficult to sleep. Similarly, smart devices such as phones, laptops and tablets, although often placed on sleep mode, can frequently light up from messages or alerts throughout the night, creating a sudden blue glow that may disrupt you while sleeping. If possible, it is best to switch all electrical devices off when you go to bed to ensure you are not disturbed and achieve a full night’s rest. If you do have to keep an alarm clock on, try and purchase one with low-level lighting or at best, with no lighting at all!

Consider a Change in Décor

If you have a lightly coloured bedroom, you may want to consider adding some darker features to it to ensure that nothing inside your room is disturbing you further while sleeping. Brightly coloured walls or vivid wallpaper often reflect light instead of absorbing it, meaning they could be a contributing factor to poor sleeping. Vibrant colours such as white, greys, pinks and yellows can serve to amplify light sources, while intricate wallpaper designs often incorporate metallic elements that have a mirroring effect, thus creating a brighter environment. Consequently, you may want to consider toning down your bedroom with a range of darker, more neutral colours such as blues, greens, browns and blacks. If you don’t like the idea of having an entirely dark-themed bedroom, perhaps paint a feature wall in a darker colour or purchase some accessories that will dampen down any lighter colours, e.g. bedding or furniture. You could even change your blind colour to something darker – we offer skylights blinds in a wide variety of colours, meaning you’re sure to find something to suit your taste!


Sleeping is an incredibly important part of our daily routine, so be sure to create the right environment to help you get rest you need. Here at Skylight Blinds, we have a range of skylight blackout blinds in a variety colours that are sure to help you achieve that perfect night’s sleep. For information or advice, please get in touch with us via our social media channels or browse our ranges online now.

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