Why are roof windows continuing to rise in popularity?

Here at Skylight Blinds Direct, it’s no wonder that we’re passionate about roof windows. All shapes, sizes, and brands – these gateways to the outdoors allow natural light to flood your home and offer the perfect spot for a touch of interior personalization. While there’s been no lull in the popularity of these home additions, we have noticed that the request for skylight blinds has been steadily increasing – particularly during 2020. Additionally Country Living cited roof windows as being one of the ‘Top 15 Home Decor Trends Predicted to Be Huge in 2021’. So, we’re wondering ‘why are roof windows continuing to rise in popularity?’ 

Loft conversion bedroom with roof windows

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Colour of the year 2020 – Incorporate the new decade’s colours into your home with skylight blinds

Every year brings a new colour palette. A decade ago in 2010, it was turquoise that took precedence. Fast forward 5 years and 2015 saw a reddish clay-like colour named Marsala rise to popularity. Tracking colour trends has become just as essential as understanding how interior design and fashion trends evolve to meet our financial climate. So, as we move closer and closer to a brand new decade, it seems only fitting to look at the Colours of the Year that have been announced for 2020. And, while we’re here, show you how to incorporate them using our favourite home accessory – skylight blinds of course. 

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Roof Lantern Blinds – Where do I start?

When it comes to controlling light in all rooms of your home, the right blind really is an essential feature. And, when we look at the rising number of extensions, orangeries and conservatories that keep popping up, it’s no surprise that one of our most popular product is our roof lantern blinds. We already have the Ultimate Guide for Roof Lantern Blinds available over on our website for those looking to understand everything there is to know about these blinds. However, in this blog, we’ll cover the basic points you’ll want to consider when first choosing a roof lantern blind. So, let’s get into it. 

LanternLITE Roof Lantern Bling
Image: LanternLITE Zip Roller Roof Lantern Blind.
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The Buyers Guide to Skylight Blinds for Roof Windows

Now comes the fun part – choosing the right skylight blinds for your brand new room. Once the builders have left and you’ve hoovered up that last bit of dust, you’re left with a clean slate to add your personal touches. As any interior stylist (pro or amateur) will know, this is the part you’ve been waiting for. And, when it comes to your brand new skylight windows, you’ll want to make sure they’re decorated to the nines.

motorized skylight blinds for roof windows

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Kitted-Out Conservatories: Spring Dinner Party

You’ve given your conservatory a fresh new look and a much-needed clean, making it ‘spick and span’ for springtime. Now all that’s left to do is show off your sparkling new space … so why not throw a spring dinner party? Make the most of those increasingly long evenings by treating your friends or family to a luxurious dining experience in your now-glowing conservatory, where they can watch the sun go down while savouring a flavoursome home cooked meal. While the food is an integral part of any dinner party, creating the right ambience is also key. Consequently, we’ve put together some top tips to help you create the perfect setting for your spring soiree: Continue reading

Skylight Blackout Blinds for Children’s Bedrooms

Getting children used to a bedtime routine can be difficult at the best of times but is especially so when parents have little control over the amount of natural light seeping into their child’s bedroom. Not only can incoming light sources make it difficult for young children to sleep, but the intrusion can also increase their reluctance to go bed in the first place as many children associate light with the daytime.

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Love Your Loft: Home Cinemas

Most of us will agree that going to the cinema is always a fantastic experience. But have you ever thought about bringing the cinema to you? If you’re a film buff, your newly converted loft could be the perfect space for a snug home cinema! Enjoy a family classic with the kids or get cosy with your loved one and sample the latest thriller in the comfort of your own home while relishing all the excitement of a regular trip to the pictures. Not only can having your own cinema at home save you money on often pricey tickets but it can also provide you with the ultimate screen to enjoy a surround sound gaming experience on too! So, for all you film fanatics, we’ve got some great advice to help you plan and create a stunning home cinema:

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Which Skylight Window Blind is Right for You?

Skylight blinds can suit many purposes, from insulating your home to blocking out sunlight. To help you purchase a blind that’s right for your home, we’ve put together a brief list of four different types of blinds and how they are used:

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What to Consider When Purchasing a Skylight Blind

Skylight window blinds are a sophisticated and stylish addition to any room, whether it be a bedroom, lounge or office. However, as with any household purchase, it can sometimes be difficult for buyers to decide what type of blind will look best in their home. To help you out, we’ve outlined below some of the most important things to consider when purchasing a blind for a skylight window:

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Sleep Well with Skylight Blackout Blinds

Resting in a dark environment is essential to getting a good night’s sleep. However, as we head into spring and summer, it can often be difficult to stop light from creeping in when heading to bed, especially when the evenings are longer and lighter. Similarly, if your home is situated in a built-up area, you may find you are being disturbed by unwanted light sources such as street lamps, vehicle headlights or light from other buildings. So, what can you do to darken your bedroom? Here at Skylight Blinds Direct, we’ve got some suggestions that could help you achieve the perfect night’s sleep:

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