Do Skylight Windows Need Blinds?

Lime green skylight blinds and roller blinds in a monochrome kitchen

Choosing the right blind for your window can help to transform a room. Skylight Blinds are a specialist option within the window dressing market, specifically designed to be used on roof windows. Like roller blinds and vertical blinds, they effectively help you to manage light and privacy….

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Why are roof windows continuing to rise in popularity?

Here at Skylight Blinds Direct, it’s no wonder that we’re passionate about roof windows. All shapes, sizes, and brands – these gateways to the outdoors allow natural light to flood your home and offer the perfect spot for a touch of interior personalization. While there’s been no lull in the popularity of these home additions, we have noticed that the request for skylight blinds has been steadily increasing – particularly during 2020. Additionally Country Living cited roof windows as being one of the ‘Top 15 Home Decor Trends Predicted to Be Huge in 2021’. So, we’re wondering ‘why are roof windows continuing to rise in popularity?’ 

Loft conversion bedroom with roof windows

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Colour of the year 2020 – Incorporate the new decade’s colours into your home with skylight blinds

Every year brings a new colour palette. A decade ago in 2010, it was turquoise that took precedence. Fast forward 5 years and 2015 saw a reddish clay-like colour named Marsala rise to popularity. Tracking colour trends has become just as essential as understanding how interior design and fashion trends evolve to meet our financial climate. So, as we move closer and closer to a brand new decade, it seems only fitting to look at the Colours of the Year that have been announced for 2020. And, while we’re here, show you how to incorporate them using our favourite home accessory – skylight blinds of course. 

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Roof Lanterns or Skylight Windows : What’s the Difference?

Skylight windows and roof lanterns are both popular choices when it comes to choosing roof windows.  Both enable lashings of light to stream into the home. However, with such similar features, it can often be difficult for homeowners to differentiate between the two. Consequently, to help ensure you can identify these two types of roof windows, we’ve outlined some of the main differences between skylight windows and roof lanterns:

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Blinds for Hard to Reach Windows

They are a common feature in many UK homes and, as a homeowner, you’ll either love them or hate them. We are referring to those hard to reach windows in your home that, once covered with blinds, shades or drapes, will usually stay that way unless you want to climb ladders or stand on tall pieces of furniture to reach them. Hard to reach windows such as skylights have always been a difficult feature to tackle for homeowners, with little to no solution when it comes to a quick and easy cover-up. However, here at Skylight Blinds Direct, we have the answer…

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