Lockdown interior design – How skylight blinds can transform your home effortlessly

Lockdown restrictions are beginning to lift but for many of us, our homes will remain our sanctuary for the considerable future. And, for this reason, more and more of us are investing in our own 4-walls instead of spending money elsewhere. Skylight blinds are a home accessory that can truly transform your space – giving you privacy, light control and style combined. If you’re considering a rehaul of your conservatory, orangery or extension, read our blog to see why we think skylight blinds are the ideal lockdown interior design accessory. 

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Skylight Blinds Direct – Loft Conversion Jargon Buster

Loft conversions are tricky work. There is so much that goes into their planning, building and finishing. It’s understandable that, as normal people, we will have next to no idea what most of the jargon and technical language means. Any loft conversion should be agreed in an informed manner. This means you should understand as much of what you’re signing up to as possible – including all those technical terms. So, today we bring you our jargon buster. We’ve picked up a list of the most popular (and sometimes confusing terms) used during a loft conversion and broken them down. So, browse through and learn everything you need to know before proceeding with your renovation.

Velux blinds

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Skylight Blinds – What costs can you expect with your loft conversion?

As we move through our Beginners Guide, it is time to take a look at one of the most defining factors on hand – the cost. Although it would be near impossible to give an accurate quote for your specific renovation, we can begin to form a rough estimate. It is important to consider every potential cost you could encounter, even those more obscure charges, that you could find yourselves faced with. This helps to ensure you have budgeted for everything and reduces the risk of unexpected costs.

An image showing architect drawings for a building conversion

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Skylight Blinds Direct Loft Conversion Beginners Guide: Is My Loft Suitable?

Adding a loft conversion to any home is a great way to add both space and value. They give you the freedom to design and create the room you want. Whether you’re looking to dedicate space to an office or extra bedroom, the dead space in your loft is a great option. Rooms within lofts provide an interesting and unique internal space that is usually considerably easier than building extensions.

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The Skylight Blinds Direct Beginners Guide to Loft Conversions

Whether you’re increasing the value of your property or need extra space to welcome in a new family addition, consider a loft conversion. They work on the idea of improving your home rather than going through the stress and strains of moving to another building. Alongside this, they give you a freedom that most traditional home buyers never truly get to appreciate. That is the opportunity to design a home to your exact specifications where everything sits where you always imagined. Everything from the position of the light fittings to how many plug sockets a room has and where your main source of light comes from. All of these things and more can be tweaked to suit your needs and help to create a home that you are truly proud of.

An image of a two-toned loft bedroom with wooden beams

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Love Your Loft: Indoor Gardens

Whether you’re craving your own special space or are simply in need of an extra facility, having your loft converted presents the perfect opportunity for you to get creative with a room that’s right for you. As a result of their often-snug size paired with their cosy atmosphere, attic spaces often lend themselves to a number of unique purposes. In our four-part Love Your Loft series, we’re going to explore some of these purposes and provide some handy advice on how to transform your once lifeless loft space into either an indoor garden, home cinema, bespoke bathroom or novel children’s bedroom. Below, we start by offering some helpful tips on how to build your very own indoor garden:

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How to Create a Stylish Interior for Loft Conversions

Having a loft conversion is a great way to ensure you make the most of the space in your home. Furthermore, as with any new room, newly converted lofts also present homeowners with a great opportunity to get creative by decorating and styling the space as they wish. However, at times, interior design can be stressful, especially after a long conversion process. So here at Skylight Blinds Direct, we’ve got some top tips to help you create a super stylish rooftop pad that will fit perfectly into your home:

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The Top 5 Big Trends in Home Improvement

As the housing market slump slowly begins to recover, home builders are finding that they have to become more innovative in their designs as the industry is pushing more for features, lower prices and eco-friendly building materials. Home buyers want a home that is comfortable, easy to maintain and that is energy efficient. These two factors have created some interested new home construction and renovation trends for 2018. Keep reading and let us share with you some of our favourites.

1. A More Natural Look

From flooring and walls, to roofs, windows and skylights, home designers are adding more natural touches to their newest designs. Bleached, limed and washed-wood finishes are the popular choice and manufacturers are supplying the demand.

image credit https://www.homestylecentral.com/attic-bedroom-ideas/

2. Clean Lines with More Open Space

Open floor plans and more contemporary designs are becoming more popular in new home designs. Builders are adding skylights to every room in the house for more natural light and better ventilation and exteriors are getting cleaner designs with standing-seam roofs. An abundance of glass and lift-and-slide doors, designed to open and disappear, bring the outdoors in.

3. Let the Outdoors In

Why limit yourself to your indoor spaces when you have so much square footage outside? The backyard is more than just a patio and some foliage now days. Builders are incorporating pizza ovens, fire pits and outdoor kitchens that rival some of their most luxe indoor counterparts.

4. High Tech Game Rooms

Home entertainment is important to new home buyers and many are choosing to use their extra living space as a dedicated game room or media hub. Flat screen TV’s, home theatre systems, even a renewed focus on the wet bar, are the latest trends for new home building or renovation projects.

5. Eco-Friendly

From energy saving appliances and geothermal pumps, to clean-air filtration systems and skylights, new homes are being built to be more eco-friendly and healthier for the homeowners.

New home building trends for 2018 are adding more convenience features, eco-friendly touches and a more natural approach to home design that enables homeowners to have a custom-built home for less money.