VELUX™ Compatible Blinds: Save money without scrimping on style

As we have discussed in previous posts, loft conversions are continuing to rise in popularity. Today, we’ll be discussing VELUX™ compatible blinds and their popularity in these popular new spaces.

An image showing blackout thermal VELUX™ compatible blinds

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Kitted-Out Conservatories: Spring Cleaning

Spring is a time of revitalisation, so what better time to revive your conservatory with a nifty spring clean? Whether you’ve given it a fresh spring makeover that’s created a little mess or it’s just in need of a thorough clean after those long winter months, we’ve got some great tips to help you make your conservatory sparkle this spring:  Continue reading

Kitted-Out Conservatories: Spring Makeover

With sunnier days and longer evenings, for many homeowners, Spring signals only one thing; the start of conservatory season! To celebrate its long-awaited arrival, we are kicking off the month with our Kitted-Out Conservatories series, where we’ll be offering some great advice as well as sharing our top tips on how to get your conservatory ready for the upcoming warmer months. To get started on transforming your conservatory into a springtime haven, why not banish those winter blues with a fresh new makeover? Below, we share our top tips on how to revamp your conservatory for springtime:

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Skylight Windows: A Brief History

Skylight windows have been around for many centuries in one form or another, whether that be as spherical openings in ancient Roman buildings or as decorative cathedral roof lanterns in the 14th century. Over the years, developments in both glass making and interior design have lead to rooftop windows becoming a popular choice for many contemporary homeowners. To celebrate their success, we take a brief look into the history of these stylish yet practical windows:

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Blinds for Hard to Reach Windows

They are a common feature in many UK homes and, as a homeowner, you’ll either love them or hate them. We are referring to those hard to reach windows in your home that, once covered with blinds, shades or drapes, will usually stay that way unless you want to climb ladders or stand on tall pieces of furniture to reach them. Hard to reach windows such as skylights have always been a difficult feature to tackle for homeowners, with little to no solution when it comes to a quick and easy cover-up. However, here at Skylight Blinds Direct, we have the answer…

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