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SkyFit™ Roof Blinds 

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The SkyFit™ roof blind is a fantastic solution for small flat roof windows or sloping roof windows.  See below for useful downloads and videos.




LanternLITE™ Roof Lantern Blinds

Our DIY LanternLITE™ roof lantern blinds keep you COOL IN THE SUMMER & WARM IN THE WINTER.  Available in manual and motorised options and in 2 distinct blind types, The Honeycomb LanternLITE™ or the Zip roller blind LanternLITE™. 

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#1 LanternLITE™ ZIP Roof Lantern Blinds

The original LanternLITE™ DIY ZIP roller blind.

The LanternLITE™  Zip roller blind can be mains powered or batter solar powered with 3 different motor types.

  1. Somfy Sonesse 40 RF motor (radio frequency) :  Operated by a remote control or battery operated wall switch and is compatible with many smart home systems including Alexa and Google home120w and requires a 240v feed).
  2. Somfy Sonesse 40 WT hard wired motor which is operated by a latching rocker wall switch and is not compatible with home automation (120w and requires a 240v feed ).
  3. Battery /Solar operated motor 

See below for useful downloads and videos.

LanternLITE Zip blind TECHNICAL DRAWINGS        🔽

LanternLITE Zip blind THERMAL INFORMATION      🔽

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Zip blind Fitting Instructions Additional Info                 🔽  

RF motor wiring diagram (2 core cable)                      🔽  

WT motor wiring diagram (3 core cable)                     🔽  

ZIP LanternLITE-Wiring-Programming-Instructions    🔽 

ZIP Mains Powered Setting Limits Instructions           🔽  

#2 LanternLITE™ HONEYCOMB Roof Lantern Blinds

The most versatile orangery roof blind on the market. The DIY honeycomb LanternLITE™ blind is available as a manual roof blind, electric roof blind and also a solar powered battery operated roof blind.

The LanternLITE™  Honeycomb blind comes with the Somfy Tilt 25 motor which can either battery operated (with a solar top up)  or mains powered.   If mains powered the motor requires a 12 volt power supply.Available in sizes up to 3m wide x 6.6m long.

See below for useful downloads and videos.

LanternLITE-Honeycomb-Order-Form               🔽 

Honeycomb GUIDE                                            🔽  

Honeycomb_Thermal_Information                     🔽   

LanternLITE-Honeycomb-Fitting-Instructions    🔽

HONEYCOMB additional fitting guide               🔽 

HONEYCOMB motor information                      🔽  

HONEYCOMB solarpack_instruction_guide      🔽       

HONEYCOMB-Wiring-Instructions                     🔽 



SMART HOME (Alexa Enabled Blinds With the Help of Somfy TaHoma Home Hub

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