The right window blind for flat roof windows

With more and more of us opting to expand our homes instead of moving, it has become more common for homeowners to be faced with the option of choosing the right window. Once reserved for those in property development or interior design, now the right window is a decision many will have to make. While some extensions can use standard windows, others require a more unique solution. Flat roof windows are one such option. Letting optimal light in and creating a modern look, this option has become even more popular. But, what is the right window blind for flat roof windows? And, do you even need one? 

The Small Flat Roof Blind

What is a flat roof window?

As the name suggests, these are windows designed specifically for use on flat roofs. In truth, all roofs are either slightly sloped or domed to ensure rainfall drains off. But the visible appearance of the roofs remains flat and homeowners generally have a challenge when it comes to optimising on the light. Bi-fold doors solve this issue to a significant degree. But they are expensive and labor-intensive to install.

In most cases, a flat roof window won’t need planning permission unless they:

  • Protrude over 150mm from the roof plane
  • Are higher than the highest point of the roof
  • Can be opened if they are less than 1.7m from the floor

What are the benefits?

If you’re on the fence about choosing a roof window blind over a roof lantern or a skylight, here are a few benefits that they offer:

  • Energy-efficient – Most flat roof windows are fitted with double or triple glazing. This makes them exceptionally energy efficient throughout the year. 
  • Optimal light – Flat roof windows allow you to gain as much light as possible in a space. In fact, some designs, including those with low profiles, can let up to 16% more light in. 
  • Variety of sizes – The manufacturers available on the market are now manufacturing their high-quality flat roof windows in a variety of styles. 

However, consider that flat roof windows don’t have a significant slope. Therefore, debris such as leaves and foliage may sit on the glass for longer. Additionally, most flat windows won’t open and, therefore, you don’t get the same options with ventilation as other designs offer. However, don’t let this put you off. 

Where are they normally used? 

In a similar manner to skylights, flat roof windows should be placed at the optimal position for natural light. They are used largely in extensions – especially those that have been turned into kitchens or open-plan living spaces. This way you create a gateway into the world and a way to bring as much sunlight into the room as possible. 

Why do you need specialist blinds to cover flat roof windows? 

If you consider the angle of flat roof windows, it becomes obvious why you’ll need specially-designed blinds. They are, as the name suggests, flat. Therefore, a standard roller blind will succumb to gravity. The fabric needs to be encased in channels on all sides AND this needs to be taut. This is particularly important if you’ve chosen a blackout fabric as you won’t gain the full benefits of light control if you don’t lock them into their frame. 

What are my options?

So, where do you go from here? At Shop4Blinds, we have a selection of options that can be made-to-measure to fit your flat roof window. Let’s take a look at both the:

Skyfit™ Small Flat Roof blind

Designed specifically for flat roof windows, the Skyfit™ is a versatile and practical window blind. It comes in a variety of sizes – from 400mm x 400mm to 1500mm x 1500mm. You have the option of either white or silver hardware and 22 different fabrics with thermal blackout and anti-glare designs to choose from. This blind is fitted to the edge of your flat roof window reveal and blends seamlessly into your ceiling. This creates a uniformed look that won’t draw excessive attention to itself but gives you the freedom to optimise on privacy and light. 

Entirely made-to-measure here in the UK, it is provided with full installation instructions and side rails to keep the fabric locked into place. The rubber seal and brush attached to the bottom of the handle create a barrier against draughts and light. A spring-operated mechanism makes it easy to slide open or shut the blind, as needed. And it is fully child-safe and chain-free. 

LanternLITE™ Range

Within the LanternLITE™ range, you have both the LanternLITE™ Honeycomb Blind and the LanternLITE™ Zip Roller Blind. Both have been designed to fit roof lanterns but can just as easily suit the needs of flat roof owners. This is because they fit within the recess – no matter its size. The LanternLITE™ Honeycomb benefits from a unique fabric that traps air in between the ‘combs’ to lock in warmth and help reduce energy costs. It is available as a manual, electric, or solar-powered blind with sizes up to 3m(W) and 8m(L). With the ability to program alongside the Amazon Alexa® Home and Google Home, they are sleek, modern, and perfectly suited to your new space. 

The LanternLITE™ Zip Roller blind has a tensioned design that is entirely enclosed within the cassette and side channels. This blocks out all unneeded light and maintains a sleek design. Visible wire-free, it offers a complete view up to the skin when retracted and also benefits from full side channels to prevent sagging. It is also available in a variety of fabrics and colours to suit every space in your home. 

Covering unique windows in your extension or loft is our specialty here at Skylight Blinds Direct. If you would like to speak to a member of our team, please do get in contact as we’re here to help.

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