How To Save Money When Investing In Skylight Blinds

No matter why you’ve decided to redecorate or style-up your home, there should always be a budget-consideration. It’s easy to get carried away in the midst of Pinterest, crafting a room that lives up to your highest dreams but far exceeds your financial possibility. Don’t worry – we’ve all done it! Specifically in today’s climate, it’s always helpful to discover where you can save money and invest to ensure you get the best return on your money as possible. 

An image of grey showerproof 100% waterproof skylight VELUX compatible blinds in a bathroom

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3 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Skylight Blinds For Every Room

Skylight blinds are designed to help you make the most of any space. They come in a wide variety of styles and colours, each one crafted to suit different needs. If you’re just starting out on your interior design journey, it may seem a simple thing to identify the right skylight blind. Perhaps you look for a colour that fits your room? Or you simply look for the cheapest option to free up funds for other areas. 

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How Translucent Skylight Blinds Can Help In Winter

One of the main purposes of skylight blinds is to help you to manage light in your conservatory, extension or loft. Roof windows are positioned at the optimal angle to allow in as much natural light as possible. While this helps to visually maximise the space inside your new room, it also means you need to find the most appropriate way to manage this. And, for many households, that is by using translucent skylight blinds. But are these specialist window blinds only for summer? 

A playroom fitted with spotted translucent skylight blinds

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3 Reasons Why Blackout Skylight Blinds Are Just As Important In Winter

Blackout skylight blinds aren’t a new thing. Out of all of the variations available on the market, they’re likely the ones you’ve heard of the most. This is largely due to the whole host of benefits that blinds made from this specialist material offer. Exceptional light control, privacy and the ability to personalise your home are all factors that contribute to their popularity. 

Charcoal blackout thermal skylight blinds for roof windows
Grey blackout skylight blinds fitted in brown windows in a grey-themed bedroom.

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Do I need to update my roof blind for Autumn?

As Autumn begins to roll in, you may be looking at the different ways in which you can improve your home. Colder days, more rain and less light all force us to readdress our indoor spaces and establish whether they’re likely to work as effectively during these colder months. While light may seem like less of a pressing issue now, it’s still a factor you’ll need to consider when it comes to usability. And, with more of us spending time indoors and using indoor lighting, privacy can also become a concern. This blog will look at whether it’s time to update your roof blind for Autumn. 

A pair of deep red skylight blinds for velux windows in a bedroom

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Top 5 Colours For Skylight Blinds In Autumn 2020

As we begin to move into Autumn 2020, many of us may be looking to our own homes for a rehaul. This year has seen us spend more time at home than ever before and the trend for home renovations has skyrocketed. As a result, we have become more aware of the finer details that egg us or the need to recreate a space so it truly speaks to our personality. We believe that window blinds are a cost-effective solution when it comes to following seasonal trends. And even roof windows can benefit from this – with the help of our skylight blinds range. 

An image showing an indoor house plant next to books and a mug of tea on a windowsill

This blog will look at the top 5 colours we’ve identified in the Autumn/Winter trends for this year and the ways in which you can incorporate there into your home. 

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A Guide To Tackling Heat In Conservatories With Skylight Blinds

If you’ve ever had a conservatory or spent a length of time in one, you’ll know they’re not traditionally the best at managing temperature. You’re either too hot or too cold – stuck in a heat box or shivering to your bones. Most of the time, this lack of temperature control is due to age. Older conservatories simply weren’t designed with the technology we have at our disposal now. However, even if you can’t afford to have a brand new conservatory fitted, there are ways to tackle excessive or reduced heat in these unique spaces. Read our guide here to find out more about skylight blinds, glass films and new roofs. 

LanternLITE Roof Lantern Bling
DIY roof lantern blinds

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How installing blinds yourself could protect the safety of your family

Here in the UK, we’re slowly making our way out of lockdown. Restrictions have begun to lift and we are, once again, allowed to see our friends and family. However, with this added freedom still comes the need to be vigilant. Increased hand washing, sanitising and disinfection have become common-place in our homes. And, the need to restrict visitors to minimise the risk of contamination still rings true. Installing blinds yourself offers another solution to protecting the safety of your family. And, with modern advances, this has become easier than ever. 

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Your Guide To Skylight Blinds For Loft Bedrooms

Loft bedrooms and conversion applications continue to rise every single year. In fact, examination in 2018 showed a 114% increase year-on-year during that period alone. And now in 2020, ‘loft conversions’ returns an average monthly search volume of 22,200. An increasing number of us are looking to the homes we already own instead of moving on. In place of flooding websites like Right Move with searches for larger properties, we are now searching for ways to increase the space we already have. We have an abundance of articles already written by our experts which you can find here. But today’s guide will walk you through our advice on turning a loft conversion into a bedroom that works, fits your needs and increases your properties value. 

An image of a bedroom loft conversion with wooden beams
Image credit: Penelope Allen Designs
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Lockdown interior design – How skylight blinds can transform your home effortlessly

Lockdown restrictions are beginning to lift but for many of us, our homes will remain our sanctuary for the considerable future. And, for this reason, more and more of us are investing in our own 4-walls instead of spending money elsewhere. Skylight blinds are a home accessory that can truly transform your space – giving you privacy, light control and style combined. If you’re considering a rehaul of your conservatory, orangery or extension, read our blog to see why we think skylight blinds are the ideal lockdown interior design accessory. 

Image credit: Apartment Apothecary
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