The Ultimate Guide To Roof Lantern Blinds

As we continue to let more light into our homes, roof lantern windows are dramatically increasing in popularity.  Orangeries, Atriums and conservatories are a fantastic way to open up your home, bringing light and openness into your home. Architects and specifiers are replacing traditional ceilings with glass roofs such as skypods, atriums, roof domes and pyramid windows (to name but a few of the horizontal roof windows on the market at the moment). 

These glass roofs bring natural light and free solar energy into your home.  But our orangeries and sunrooms are becoming unusable at times as they are too hot and bright in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Without a ROOF LANTERN blind you are very likely to experience the following:-


Heat Gain in the Summer

TRANSMITTANCE: The suns rays pass through the glazing, hit objects in the room eg walls, furniture which absorb the radiation and radiate it back into the room: otherwise known as the GREENHOUSE EFFECT.
Heat Loss in the Winter Even with the heating on you may find your orangery is cold during the WINTER and first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Heat is lost through:-

CONDUCTION (Loss of heat through the glass of the window)

CONVECTION (THE DRAFT LOOP: Loss of heat through warm room air reaching the glass, cooling then cool air falling back into the room for you to  have to re-heat)

AIR LEAKAGE (Heat lost through cracks in the frame or from ill fitting glass)

 GLARE Harsh sunlight which prevents you watching tv and strains the eyes.

So, in order to receive the maximum benefit from your roof window you will need to find a way to control your environment.     Our answer is a LanternLITE™ Roof Lantern blind.

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So why LanternLITE™ blinds?

We are so proud to be the innovative company who have developed and manufacture the LanternLITE™ roof blind system.  Roof lantern blinds are not a new concept by any means.  You can go to a handful of specialist and expensive companies who will come round to your house and measure and fit similar products for you.  But we have recognised that this solution is not for everyone and some people like to be in control of their installation and their budget!   DIY LanternLITE™ blinds offer you a hard-working, robust product which looks professional whilst saving you thousands of pounds by cutting out the middle man and ordering directly from the factory.

LanternLITE ™

As the first DIY made-to-measure overhead horizontal blinds of their kind, LanternLITE™  DIY blinds are solving the inherent problems associated with glass roofing systems (as discussed above).   

With 2 main solutions to your question of “what is the best blind for my roof lantern?”  We examine the differences and similarities between the LanternLITE™ zip roller blind and the LanternLITE™ Honeycomb blind

What are my LanternLITE™ options?

The LanternLITE™ Honeycomb blind

The LanternLITE™ Honeycomb roof blind is a cellular blind with octagonal shaped cells which is housed within its own frame which then sits on L shaped angle brackets within your roof space.

During Winter, this allows you to lock in the warmth within a room without it escaping through non-thermal glass. Equally, these blinds work hard during the Summer too.  A light reflective backing redirects the Sun’s harshest rays back out of your roof space allowing you to control the light and glare within your home.

Other benefits of the LanternLITE™ Honeycomb blind include:

  • A lightweight frame which is easy to install and handle when fitting
  • A compact design that fits into small spaces and won’t look bulky
  • An easy-to-fit design, helping to reduce costly labour fees
  • A thermal barrier which effectively helps to reduce energy bills
  • A variety of different fabrics to choose from
  • Available in both manual operation and Somfy hardwired motorised.
  • Available in battery operated with a solar top up.  Ideal for if you want a motorised blind but you do not have power in your roof space (you do not need to call the electrician!)
  • The Somfy motor is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa Home and Google Home

Technical Information on Honeycomb LanternLITE™ BLACKOUT & ANTIGLARE fabrics

Honeycomb LanternLITE™ blind thermal information

Honeycomb LanternLITE™ blind thermal information

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LanternLITE™ Zip Roller Blind

We worked hard to develop an easy-to-install roof lantern blind that looks stunning and sleek and works in most glass roof scenarios.  Only available in electric operation our Zip LanternLITE™ electric roof lantern blind allow you to control light distribution, privacy, glare and temperature control at the touch of a button.

Technical Information on LanternLITE™ Zip roller blinds BLACKOUT & ANTIGLARE fabrics

Technical information on LanternLITE™ zip roller blinds (blackout and antiglare fabric)

Technical information on LanternLITE™ zip roller blinds (blackout and antiglare fabric)

See below customer video on the experiences he has had with the LanternLITE™ zip roller blind in blackout fabric and his energy savings.


  • Wire free (you can look up to the sky without seeing any guide wires)
  • A tensioned design that minimises sagging and features enclosed cassettes and side channels
  • Available in either Blackout thermal or Antiglare thermal fabric
  • Available in hard-wired electric operation
  • The blinds Somfy motor is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa Home and Google Home
  • A look suitable for orangeries, living rooms, cinema rooms and bedrooms.
  • A variety of different fabric colours and textures to choose from

So which style should I go for?

Both the LanternLITE™ roller blind and Honeycomb LanternLITE™ overhead roof blinds are suitable for a whole range of different environments and settings. Let’s place them side by side and look at all comparisons.

LanternLITE™ Zip Roller blind

LanternLITE™ Honeycomb blind

Available in blackout thermal fabric

Fabric is “zipped” therefore blind is 100% blackout


Available in antiglare thermal fabric

Antiglare fabric is transparent

Visibly wire free


Available in manual operation x

Available in battery/solar operation


Available as mains powered operation

Compatible with home automation
Physical size of product 10cm deep headbox & Footbox

(make sure you have room)

3cm deep headbox & Footbox

5 year guarantee
Lead time 5-7 working days  10-12 working days

Max 3m x 3.6m

Max 3m x 8m

For more information

Investing in quality roof lantern blinds can significantly reduce your household bills and improve the usability of your room.  Here at Skylight Blinds Direct, there really is only one option – LanternLITE™ blinds.   LanternLITE™ blinds are made right here in the UK. Most importantly, we use the finest materials throughout to guarantee quality and will work with you to create blinds that you love. Finding the perfect lantern roof blind for your needs is where Skylight Blinds Direct come in.

If you’re looking for more information about the LanternLITE™ Zip blind or the LanternLITE™ Honeycomb blind please don’t hesitate to  Message us.

9 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide To Roof Lantern Blinds

  1. I am looking for a flat roof electric blind for two roof lanterns:
    Blind No1: 1m x 1.5m
    Blind No 2: 1m x2m

    Please could you quote me options.
    Control by wall switch ir remote.
    Please include solar option

  2. I need a flat skylight blind (blackout, white blue or green)
    wide 89.3cm,
    length 1.89cm

    my skylight has no frame, I would think I need sides to apply to the walls

  3. I am looking for an idea of cost for a flat skylight blind to cover an opening of 1.1m by 2.3m. Costs should be fir both manual and automated.

    Many thanks


  4. Can you give me a price for a 1400 w by 2200 mm with batter/solar powered thanks this is to be fitted to a sloping roof

  5. I am looking for an idea of cost for a flat blackout skylight blind to cover my roof skylight, dimensions 0.90m by 1.90m.

    does it include a frame to support it on all 4 sides of the recess?

    Costs for both manual and automated, please.

    thank you

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