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***Our blinds are NOT compatible with white PVC (P) or Timber (T) Keylite® windows. The codes will generally but not always begin with P or T, for example P02 or T02. The frame sizes are the same but the glass sizes are different so please check the glass sizes using our guide here. If you are unsure please email us the width and length of the visible glass sizes to check ***

Skylight blind opening poles are for opening and closing the blind on your Keylite® window. It works perfectly for roof windows where the main operating handle is at the top of the window.

• 2m Telescopic Pole is 1m when stored but extends to 2m when operated.

• 3m Telescopic Pole is 1.2m when stored but extends to 3m when operated.


Child Safety is paramount in our minds with every blind that we sell. As standard we supply free of charge child safety fitting for every blind and stronly we encourage you to fit them They are designed to help prevent cords or chains from posing a potential hazard.

Through the Make It Safe campaign by The Royal Socity for the Prevention of Accidentin conjunction with the BBSA , we 'Make it Safe' Initiative we are commited to helping to give you peace of mind, leaving you free to enjoy your new window blind.

Please follow the advice provided below:

Do not place a childs cot, bed, playpen or highchair near a window.

Pull cords on curtains and blinds should be fitted within a child safe housing or tie up loose cords out of each of children using the many type of cleats or cord tidies that are available.