Internal or External Skylight Blinds – Which Is Best For Your Home?

As more and more of us look to extend our homes, skylight windows are continuing to rise in popularity. With this, there is an increased need for homeowners to understand their options when it comes to window dressings. Managing light and privacy are essential – especially when you’re working with windows directly facing the sun and overlooked in new ways, previously unconsidered ways. For skylight windows, you have two main options when it comes to light management – internal or external skylight blinds. But, what are the differences? And, which ones are best suited to your home?

What are external skylight window blinds? 

Fakro External Skylight Blinds for Skylight Windows

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As the name suggests, external skylight window blinds sit outside of the home – on the external-facing of your window. Also known as awning blinds, they are designed to fit snugly around the frame of your window and can be adjusted to cover the window, as needed. You can also get external covers for roof windows that clip over the entirety of the frame and provide a barrier, minimizing the impact of the direct sun into a room. And, there are anti-heat blackout shutters that offer exceptional heat and blackout protection, where needed. 

Pros and Cons

Many people who choose to go for external skylight window blinds do it for aesthetic reasons. If you’re seeking the ultimate in simplistic, minimalist style, they roll up entirely out of view when needed. You also reduce the bulk of any internal cassettes, frames or operational controls. As they sit outside of the glass, these blinds are effective at reducing solar heat gain – a factor that may benefit the overall temperature in your home. 

In contrast, external skylight window blinds aren’t as easy to operate as those that sit inside your window frame. Many require you to open the window fully, posing a safety issue for smaller members of your household. They also impact the external look of your property, meaning they may not be an option for protected or Grade listed homes. 

What are internal skylight window blinds

Purple Internal Skylight Blinds - Malbek Tranluscent Blinds for VELUX windows

Skylight Blinds Direct – Malbek (TRANSLUCENT) Blinds For VELUX®

Probably the most recognized type of roof window covering, internal skylight blinds sit inside of your window opening. They are made-to-measure for each brand/model of window, guaranteeing the perfect fit. With this, you are able to achieve a full blackout experience, ample temperature control, and a really sleek look. Depending on your needs and specifications, you have the option of numerous operating set-ups, including remote-controlled and manual. And, the variety of styles available are endless. 

Pros and Cons

Internal skylight blinds benefit from additional protection from harsh weather conditions. This means they’ll last longer and maintain their style for many years. You also have more variety in terms of style and design – external skylight blinds need to blend in with their surroundings and are prone to fading in direct sunlight. On the flip side, internal skylight blinds come in a multitude of styles and fabrics to suit your needs. You can have waterproof skylight blinds for bathrooms, blackout skylight blinds for bedrooms, and translucent skylight blinds that are perfect for offices. They are also entirely child and animal safe, with no pull cords and no need to open the window before use. And, you can change your internal blinds as many times as you want to suit your new internal decor. 

The only real downside to internal skylight blinds is that the maintenance is slightly different and may need to slot into your weekly cleaning schedule. You have more control over light and colour with these options and you can use them to add a statement into any room. 

Here at Skylight Blinds Direct, we pride ourselves in being leading experts in roof windows and their coverings. Our range includes options made to fit leading brands, including VELUX® and Keylite®, as well as options if you’re working with an older window too. With a wider range of options and styles to choose from, as well as easy operation and installation, we know you’ll love an internal skylight roof window blind as much as we do. If you need any further information, please do get in contact with our team of experts here today.

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